Monday, March 25, 2013

NISSAN - Have ANY of Your Cars NOT Been Recalled?

I told my friend Mark that I was ready to go into battle with a guy over a Toyota Yaris. I've learned recently that NISSAN has sold a lot of cars to rental companies.... Honda has not... WHY?  Oops I know fleet buyers are not as conceded about "quality".... anyway when I landed the car company that advertised "select your own" in my price range ONLY had a NISSAN so since I only rent "NOTANISSAN" I asked for more selection then I was taken to a sister company to get a car and VOILA a lot of NISSANs to choose from.  I spotted a Yaris and noticed another eyeing the "same".... I raced and got to it.   Luckily.... Even the Chevy Spark had more interest than YOUR Versa.

Why is that?

Do people KNOW you do business with IRAN and are they finally waking up to the fact that NISSAN supports those that support Assad. If we want to STOP Syria we need to get more people on board with the "NOTANISSAN" campaign.  
It's time for HUMANITY!!!


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