Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Have MULTIPLE PROOFS That I Saved The Renault Three. The Guys From France Would Have Had Their Lives Destroyed If an AMERICAN Did NOT Save Their BUTTS

Three Men at Renault a car company ALSO led by Carlos Ghosn spoke up about the electric car and were "falsely" accused of being spies.


Oddly, the 3 men from Renault connected to the EV were accused of being spies on the “same day” I was in DC in January 2011 talking with people about DOE fraud. Also within 24 hours a federal court told NISSAN to release its tax information from Bermuda.

You's think the men would have said "thank you" or merci.

Obviously the character of the French is NOT LOYAL!!!

Notice the "date" that I ordered  

The new website will be used for a proposal on an article about "how" the intelligence community does "great things".... sometimes for "ingrates"

NOTICE how Sharyn Bovat purchased a Domain called Freedom for the Renault Three 12 days BEFORE Carlos Ghosn said he had "multiple proofs" that the men were guilty.

Ghosn Claims to Have Evidence in Electric-Car Spying Case January 25, 2011
 “….Renault SA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn stated that he has “multiple” proofs that some of the company’s executives were involved in the recent leaks of its business model about the electric vehicles currently in development. “We have certainties,” said Ghosn during a telecast on TF1 television….. Unfortunately, because of this spying case, Renault will be forced to delay the launch of three electric vehicles that they had planned on releasing sometime this year.”
Even worse officials from Sarkozy’s administration (the French government)

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