Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Sources Confirmed Jack Johnson is Corrupt. Someone Needs to INVESTIGATE ... I Fear For My Life in Tennessee. The COURTS are Corrupt... I'm Having a Panic Attack.. Jack Johnson Has DESTROYED Lives of Others...

The Feds NEED to Investigate this Guy...

Also investigate ALL the others.... it's a LONG list...

He told me today ... "you were convicted of trespassing."
Sir, it's = to a "speeding ticket" I had a lawyer that did NOTHING... The corrupt Judge (Robbie Beal) let most of my subpoenas get quashed - I was NOT able to have a "defense"  my constitutional rights were taken away... & Jack Johnson says "you were convicted"... YES!!! & I want a retrial.. with a court system that's NOT corrupt... Jack Johnson YOU are what's wrong with America!!!

Tennessee Deserves to be #1

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