Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ghorbanifar is Connected to Ghosn..... Why Did We Give a !.4 Billion Dollar DOE Loan to a Company Whose CEO is Friends with a Guy that The State Dept. in an Unclassified Memo Says Ghosn's Friend is NOT a Person They Want to Deal With... BUT Says Iran is Someone That Wants to Deal with Ghosn's Friend......

In December 2011 - After Sharyn Bovat testified twice at the state capital about NISSAN committing Fraud with Dept. of Energy money  was just reported that: 

“The Rutherford County Industrial Development Board approved the issuance of $35.7 million in bonds to finance Nissan's auto factory upgrades. This is the 18th time Nissan has requested bonds Since it established its arrangement in 1982 with the IDB, which leases the factory to the Japanese automaker in exchange for the company paying property taxes at a reduced rate.”  DNJ... The gannett paper it was in "pulled" the article quickly... Why?

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Lebanonwire, May 24, 2002
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Nissan’s miracle man offers few clues to solving nation’s economic woes

Nissan is striving to impart words like “bold” and “thoughtful” to its cars, through new creative products. 
“Our job is to help our clients to take the lead for the consumers by changing the rules, by believing in the power of ideas.” 

Ghosn’s main idea in 1999 was to wipe clean Nissan’s slate (some debt swept under the carpet) before undertaking a brand-building campaign. “The solution to Nissan’s problems was inside the company,” he recounted. “The main (idea) we would have for the revival of the company would be a rebuilt motivation of Nissan employees and partners.” 

Through a cost-cutting, brand-building, technology-based campaign, Nissan, a company juggling an $18 billion debt, shed around half of its staff, restructured its production line, eliminated all its bad assets and focused on technological investments. (one of those technical investments was the EV battery that Carlos Ghosn deemed a failure... then he took the technology "off the shelf" when he needed money in 2009 when the company was suffering a SEVERE cash flow problem)

NISSAN started taking money from the IDB in 1982 as of this year they have about 6 Billion in IDB debt. JUST in Rutherford County Tennessee.

I was told by a former NISSAN employee what Ghosn did when he "saved" NISSAN was mostly good. Still he "rolled" over a LOT of the debt.  as of this year only 1 payment has been made (less than 1 million?) on Money was managed recklessly. Why? Did he get away with it?

Maybe someone can investigate?

the mainstream media in Tennessee owned by Gannett pulled articles about NISSAN's excessive debt.  Why?

One thing I learned in life....  is knowing "who" people's true friends are.... that is "how" to judge their character.....  Check out the character of Ghosn's friends.....

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