Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rhori Johnston Channel 5 Anchorman Ignored Dept of Energy Fraud

Is it because he got a "sweet" deal on a NISSAN.

People in the Mainstream Media got a LOT of goodies from Nissan.
Gannett's Mark Silverman got his kid a job at Nissan ( when David didn't like it Mark got him a job at Volkswagen)

It's because of me the popular newscaster met Nissan Marketing executive Erich Marx.

Erich would YOU like some of Michelle's comments about "life in Tennessee" published?

I used to spend time with the Johnston's (nice family) still they stayed silent while I endured 19+ months of judicial harassment & Rhori "really did" get.a nice discount on his Nissan.

Below are pictures from a fall before I whistle blew

For over three years people in the community have been BEYONd rude to me. People from CAT, Bridgestone, LP, and more. They KNEW I was a good person but they let me suffer.

The woman from Woodmont Baptist church who LOVES to gossip. We'll "Girlfriend" People will know that you do NOT practice what you preach. The hypocrisy is TN is beyond repairable,

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