Sunday, July 29, 2012

AFTER the Misdemeanor Trial of the Year (class C) Prominent TN Lawyer Contacted Me & Asked "if" I Wanted a Job at NISSAN


Luckily I documented the communication from the lawyer asking me if I'd work for you "this" spring.

At the time my blood pressure was ALSO documented at 153/112.

NISSAN YOU had put me through HELL. Worse I have a child who's suffered.

Here's the deal. If I get the CSR job that people in Japan told me I was getting (and my concepts in 2010 were put on the GLOBAL website in anticipation of that happening) and I get compensation = to the Renault Three. Then OK.


I will do this "If" Nissan wants to "clean up it's act" THIS is your opportunity to try to get out of this mess.

I want to be based in Irvine with some of my viewers ... who told me the truth about your EV.

Also, I want to oversee HOW your spending American taxpayer money.

In reference to the DOE fraud YOU better stop production of the Leaf until you have a "viable" battery and provide access to an independent auditor on HOW you spent the 1.4 Billion.

Because YOU jailed me and kept "trumped up" charges going for 19+ months I could not secure a firm to do a False Claims lawsuit. One that would have put a HALT to you drawing from the 1.4 Billion DOE loan. Thus saving America a lot of money.

I'm doing this because a LOT of people from NISSAN current & former have helped me out by giving me information. They want to have a company on their resume that they RESPECT. Right now they don't.

Sharyn Bovat

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