Sunday, January 7, 2018

Making Sense of Sharyn Bovat Story.

About 3 hours after I did this tweet using the official hashtag of a Nat Sec ethics conference (one that I had attended 5 years in a row until President Trump was elected) anyway during the ethics part of the conference Attended by 700-800 top Intel lawyers (inc lots of DOJ) 
3 hours after that tweet Loretta Lynch showed up at Costco about 30 min after I arrived.  She even circled me twice. It was suggested to me by a member of her entourage I talk to her in the Dairy section. I didn't go & panicked, even took a selfie of her following me and immediately tweeted it out. Later I learned she was the queen of "accidental meetings" she hates on the record chats. Months later I learned she (her ppl) illegally Geo-Tracked me. It's a crime to use a persons iPhone location data to stalk someone.  It's just weird....

Imagine all the meetings she had that we're similar to mine. Including the "tarmac" .... mid level ppl at the FBI want the McCabe clique gone. I was just told McCabe had become the new Buck Revell. With McCabe leaving I'm now going to file a formal complaint to the Inspector General. Let's see how much dust that collects😂 in 25 years I'll do a FOIA and see what they do with it😏

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