Sunday, January 28, 2018

Diane Black & Marsha Blackburn PLEASE Investigate NISSAN FALSE FACTS ON DEPT OF ENERGY WEBSITE!!!!!

The FACTS the Dept. of Energy are sharing on their website are FALSE- did NISSAN really pay back the DOE loan like the website says? I'd like to know the terms of the "payback"... the taxpayers deserve to hear the terms

also is Tesla gonna go BK soon?

ECONOMIC IMPACT - I was told ONLY 67 jobs created by Leaf NOT 1300 hundred.... The repayment in Sept had to do with the sale to China & NISSAN did NOT pay back the full amount.  How much did they pay back?   What are the terms, was there a "write off"... how much did the NISSAN Leaf "really" cost the taxpayers?

Nissan created more than 1,300 jobs at its ATVM-supported facilities. Nissan is also helping lay the groundwork to develop a U.S. infrastructure that will support electric vehicles and their related industries. The company has formed partnerships with states, counties, municipalities, and electric utilities to prepare markets for the introduction of electric vehicles; including the installation of charging stations.

NISSAN | Department of Energy

TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION. Nissan built and upgraded facilities to manufacture its LEAF vehicle, which has a zero-emission

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