Monday, October 23, 2017

DEEP STATE is Scared Americans Will Learn HOW Andrew Breitbart & Michael Hastings DIED I Want People to Know So I Can STAY Alive......

I spoke to Andrew Breitbart about NISSAN Leaf Green Fraud at CPAC.

He Told Me He Was Working on 4 Stories VERY Similar ALL Involving the CIA/MIC Clique Known as the Deep State.  Later I learned Michael Hastings was working on a story involving the "same" clique.   

My FBI friends say "there's no such thing as too many coincidences"....

After a 6 month break from blogging I'm back!!!

People at the Justice Department told me they can't prosecute Deep State white collar criminals until the president's appointments are approved by Congress.  I've been given a list of Establishment protectors of the "status quo" and if the swamp is to be drained these rats have to leave.   It's time to DRAIN THE SWAMP and now I won't be the only blogger blogging soon others will "take on" the EV fraud & the solar fraud & the ppl that stole hardworking taxpayer money and the ppl that who used their connections to kill journalist & bloggers will retire.  Sadly they will never be prosecuted because I was told "that ain't ever gonna happen".... the Deep State is RICH.... probably it's the missing money from the 2010 Stimulus.  

Andrew Breitbart had the courage to investigate an issue that i was told would be BIGGER than Tea Pot Dome.  

TODAY I'm asking progressive & conservative bloggers to do what the MSM refused & that is to expose the BIPARTISAN MACHINE that controls the MSM.  Let's unite and kill the cancer that has taken away the American Dream & has killed the middle class. Lets work together like we did to remove Eric Cantor to Make America FAIR Again.  

My blogs are still active and my posts from 2009-2015 are all filled with major grammar errors ..... I'M DYSLEXIC & the DOJ asked me to keep my blogs up & NOT change anything because that would adjust the "date stamp". I'm happy about any investigation that happens & will do anything needed to help an investigation that might get justice for the death of Andrew Breitbart.  He was one of the few that was willing to help me when i needed it most. When he died i had to give up any hope of having custody of my child.  His death represented to me the Deep States control of the media and that i had "no hope" in getting justice.

NOW i have hope that my child will understand why things happened.   At the same time i could get portrayed at a bimbo. I'm a little scared.  At the age of 52 I'm too old for that.

An embargo is gonna lift soon & an executive at Gannett told me "then" could stories about me be published they have a TON of info on me (most good but some embarrassing) BUT odds are they won't do it BECAUSE when i was being bullied i was dating a MSM editor who won the Ben Bradlee award & got a pulitzer prize nomination.... whew, the embarrassing part of my life makes the MSM look bad:):)

FYI I was separated in 2010 & signed an agreement with my husband stating we could date other people HE ASKED FOR IT because he wanted the divorce & i needed to stay married because i needed health insurance so my ex (i thought) wanted to be able to date & that is why i thought he wanted me to sign the agreement.  This is ODD about a month after my ex asked me to sign the document that we could date other people i was asked to sign a NDA to date Al Gore, Al's "save the planet" foundation was in the same building as my ex's company (at the time Loews)   I refused to sign the NDA in June 2010 & was then jailed on trumped up charges 3 times starting in July 2010.  Huh?

The last 7 years I've been told so many WEIRD things about the former VP and to this day I'm CLUELESS as to what his level of involvement was to the failed attempt to make electric cars mainstream.  Fisher flopped & the NISSAN leaf created only 10% of the jobs NISSAN promised and they got 1.4 billion to create jobs that never materialized and they're still getting money.  Why does congress keep doing that?

Later i was told Al's Al Jazeera deal was "payback" for the EV failing.  The ppl in Qatar invested in the EV (including Fisker because they wanted it to FAIL & then American's would be beholden to the Mid East and need the oil.  Al got over 100,000,000.00 for his crappy tv network, one that had less viewers than my blogs did at that time.   huh?

It's when Oprah's people reached out to me that my life got better and my ex got a job at McDonald's... he was the 1st person they ever hired to come in a the Senior Director level & he didn't go through the regular interview process.The company at the time was notorious for hiring from within.

Giving my ex credit he rightfully deserves he's a reason why the company is doing so well today. Although he was a total ASS as a husband he's super smart, a six sigma master black belt and the best outsourcer of American jobs & can cut a corporations expenses better than most, doing so following the laws & he's never done anything shady.   McDonald's is lucky to have him & I'm grateful to Oprah for helping me get out of Tennessee.

In Tennessee while working for Loews my ex was asked to do some thing shady & he refused.  The Tisch family "laundered" personal purchases through their hotel company. They created foundations that look taxpayer money and created high paying jobs for their relatives using AMERICAN taxpayer money. I have more but i hear the Feds are investigating 4 NFL owners and i pray to got the Giants owner is one of them.  

Huh?  The Loews hotel was the 1st in Nashville to take LOTS of taxpayer money for electric car chargers that eventually were taken out.

The NISSAN Leaf fraud is REAL!!!

The irony is the MSM collected a lot of data on me and told me they would "publicly destroy me" & after they fired Mark Silverman they were willing to slander him BUT then I put messages from Mark Silverman on a blog & created then proving Gannett knew of the NISSAN fraud and did nothing THAT might save me from public embarrassment....

With the release of JFK docs l I could be written about & if it does I'm ready... because i want the fraud connected to the 2010 stimulus exposed.  The MSM let 100's of BILLIONS be wasted and jobs promised by Obama that NEVER happened. the DOJ under Holder & Lynch were told to NOT prosecute any fraud connected to the 2010 stimulus.  They final tally on the success or the lack of success of the stimulus is each "green job created cost the taxpayers over 2 million dollars... Had the government just handed out 1 million dollars in a lottery to unemployed people then double the amount of ppl would've seen something positive... huh.... actually had the government done that then MORE jobs would'be been created because the ppl with the million dollars would've built new homes and hired cleaning ladies instead of the people that got the green jobs how much did the green jobs pay? and how many ended up being temporary- Wacker Chemie, Hemlock and other companies closed down and where is all that missing stimulus money.  I've been told a lot of money is OFF SHORE.... huh?

Anyway  I'm not a perfect person, i'm flawed & the facts on my blogs have only vetted to be 85% true, versus CNN, USA today, MSNBC, & others who only require their sources vet to be 75% true.

The reality is the news i've provided on my quirky blogs is MORE TRUE than the MSM and I'm willing to argue that.  Also Gannett bullied me telling me to take my blogs down & told me they's sue me and had a high powered lawyer from the SAME law firm as Alberto Gonzales send me a letter stating that if i didn't take down my blogs they'd sue me.  I put that letter on a blog & it's still up YEARS LATER :):)

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