Sunday, August 21, 2016

James Comey I Told Your People I'm OK, I'm Getting Back to a Normal Life:):) Please Thank ALL the FBI & Their Vendors for ALL They Do. I Still Would Like to See the Williamson County DA & a NISSAN Exec Prosecuted for Bullying a Whistleblower, At This Point Just Chose One - Anyone. My Goal is to Have My Daughter See that JUSTICE Can Happen.

After over 7 years of living in fear i now live in hope.  I learned Caroline Kennedy became the Ambassador of Japan AFTER the gov did a DNA test.  I was told NISSAN is NOT allowed to bully me anymore.  As a woman who understands that her existence as a human being shows the CIA was complicit in the cover-up of the murder of an American president & that my family was involved with the cover-up I'm grateful to the Kennedy family for helping me.  I've already communicated to them I will not bother them & I expect NOTHING.   I understand what my mom did in 1964  was wrong (i love my mom, she gave birth to me, she was bullied because she did & I'm grateful she gave me life). 

Caroline Krass & John Brennan YES!!! I understand that ppl in the CIA do NOT want me to not talk about this BUT i do because people in the Intelligence Community told me to stay alive to use the Salman Rushdie strategy (which is hard to do when the MSM ignores me). It would've been nice if Robert Eatinger had helped me out YEARS ago... but i guess he was too busy trying to take his name off the Torture Report, it was on it 1600 times.  He was the man I needed when i was bullied to help end the harassment to me & he did NOTHING. I will admit that when he aaked me at a Christmas party in 2015 "how's your Uncle" i Was happy he admitted to knowing my family.  My Uncle by the way is not OK he's been diagnosed with something, my cousin was murdered (yet some say it was a heroine overdose) that happened almost 2 years ago & I believe it has to do with his TWA 800 knowledge. 
Viewers of my blogs ( a lot of ppl, I've had over 6 million page views) need to understand that I was "outed" by NISSAN globally in 2009, I was put in a database as a former US spy & after that bullying was done to me. They did this because I whistle blew about fraud & discrimination.  

Between 2010 & 2012 I was poisoned (3 times), multiple death threats, 2 mysterious car crashers (one in 2014 an hour after i talked to a MSM reporter about CIA issues) in 2010 I was jailed 3 times (twice for a crime that doesn't exist by a warrant sworn out by a NISSAN executive Rob Traynham, again that was in 2010.

2010 is when Al Gore figured out "who i was" and to scare him CIA ally Mort Zuckerman had a story run in the Enquirer saying that he was a sexual criminal, I was told by an FBI source "that" was not true & the incident written about happened in 2006 (& it was determined there was NO validity to the claims of the woman in Oregon).

What happened to me because of my "most likely" DNA is mind numbing.  I was told the results of the DNA test will be released in 2067, I will be 102.  My new favorite Disney song is Jiminey Cricket "i'm no fool no sir eee I'm gonna live to be a 103:):)

Today I'm trying to put my life back together.  It's not easy BUT I think it's happening.  

To all that have helped me THANK YOU!!!!

God Bless America,



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