Thursday, October 10, 2013

***Clarification*** Rhori Johnston Says He Did NOT Get a Great Deal on a NISSAN. He Wants Me to STOP Using His Name.. He's a Public Figure So Sorry Rhori..In America the Constitution Allows Freedom of Speech. Rhori NEVER Asked for a Correction When I Blogged About the Same Topic OVER a Year Ago... Why? Maybe It's Cause This Time He Knows I Emailed the FBI? I Don't Know? So as of 2:45pm On October 10th Sharyn Bovat Will NOT Post About Rhori Johnston Getting a Good Deal on a NISSAN... As Per Rhori Johnston's Email THAT is NOT True... REPEAT Rhori Johnston Has Reported Sharyn Bovat's Fact on This Issue is False. Thank You Rhori For Clarifying That. Have a Great Day!!!


I will make a clarification on the blog… I wan to ONLY blog to get the truth… Can someone "else" ask the Channel 5 anchorman about the "great deal" he got on his Altima?  Maybe he never owned a NISSAN?  If so I'm sorry Rhori Johnston.

Here's a copy of a post where I said the "same" thing and Rhori NEVER told me to clarify. Had Rhori johnston been more proactive and clarified the 1st time I made the accusation I never would have mentioned him today.  

Is Rhori gonna sue me for slander… I hope not… I've been begging him to report the Good Ole Boy network for years… Guess he became "one of them"….

God Help America!!!


Here's a picture of me with Rhori's wife

On Oct 10, 2013, at 12:07 PM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

Daniel Howes,
If you can come to Tennessee to hear my case and report on it… you'll get an education on HOW Nissan and Tennessee treats whistle blowers.
I'm asking the UAW to help with security and will be seining a request to the UN to insist on a "real" investigation "if" I'm murdered.  At NISSAN in Smyrna
one of the factory deaths was a MURDER and the local police "ignored it"… I do not know why.  FYI- people connected to NISSAN have told me of 
"staged suicides of others that spoke out against humanity.   Do you want the details?    Sir - my allegations are leads from good sources so maybe 
I can give you details & YOU can provide justice to those that have been bullied & murdered - simply because the Good Ole Boy culture in TN is "out of control.    
<Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.16.31 AM.png>

I too did not believe in Unions but over the years TOO many told me horror stories of  bullying.  One guy recorded the abuse he got on the line in Smyrna and before he "cut a deal" with NISSAN
he sent me the tapes.    Would YOU like to hear them.   I have not put them on my blog BUT I have his permission to share them with reporters.  I've offered to share them and Mark Silverman the former
Gannett News editor heard them and said they were "damning"…..   He never reported anything about NISSAN abusing the whistleblower.  

Read About Tennessee Judicial Corruption:  

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: Reid ...

2 days ago - Reid Weingarten - Another Haslam Conflict of Interest. Is It Gonna Be in ...To: "" <>, ...

The man that leads the reviews for Judges works for a trucking company that's a NISSAN Vendor...
How is Sharyn Bovat gonna get Justice?

Mark Silverman NEVER reported the story for a reason I'm still trying to figure out….  His kid got 
a job at NISSAN & later Volkswagon so maybe it's CRONYISM?  
Hey Dianiel Howes why don't you ask Edward Neidermeyer formally of the Truth About Cars… he got some goodies to NOT report about me and then I was ABUSED more...
Ask Rhori Johnston of Channel 5 how much he likes his NISSAN…. they gave him a great deal on a car….  I hope he "grew up" and is not longer accepting perks for puff pieces?

Still people know Sharyn Bovat was abused and they have stayed silent… 

Daniel Howes why don't you be a Hero to society and "really" report the news? 

Sir the United Nations is one of the FEW organizations that has been kind to me. Please treat the UN and their human rights standards with RESPECT.“Nissan is not living up to the standards of worker treatment enshrined in International Labor Standards core labor standards, U.N. human rights principles and other international norms,” Lance Compa, senior lecturer at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, said in a statement under the banner “Look Under the Shine of Nissan…."  from Daniel Howes Article….
“This UAW-commissioned report is neither objective nor credible and simply restates two-years’ worth of false allegations by the union,” Justin Saia, a spokesman for Nissan North America, said in a statement Wednesday. “Nissan has never violated labor standards and would never tolerate threats or intimidation of our employees. Nissan will continue to abide by U.S. labor laws and support the rights of employees to decide whether they wish to be represented by a union.”  from Daniel Howes article

Neither the UAW nor its well-publicized organizing campaign in Canton is mentioned in the news release. But Compa’s 46-page report, funded by the union, is the latest manifestation of King’s vision to achieve a decidedly domestic goal with the help of international pressure and shame: organize foreign-owned automakers in the UAW’s patch.From The Detroit News:

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