Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Susan Brennan - The Good Ole Boys Said You Were a Token Skirt and Thanked God YOU Were NOT in Franklin. They Did Not Want a Woman Telling Them What to Do. Wanna Know What They Said About the IT Lady (Linda?) on the 10th Floor? It's Not as Bad as Bill Krueger's Wife Being Called an Asian Whore & His Kids Half Breeds. I Stood Up to Them & Defended Lyn Krueger & Said She's Smart and a Trained Engineer. I Knew Her From Scrapbooking. The Insult to his Children Made Me Want to Vomit & I Spoke Out Against Racism on Their Behalf Too. Susan Brennan - One Said You Had No Clue About Cars - I Had Met You at Catherine's House and Spoke Up. I Said She's Smart and She's From Ford I Know People From Ford and They Hire the Best. I've Heard Ghosn has Discriminated All Around the World. Seems Like the Women He Promotes to BIG Positions He Slept WIth. Women Don't Buy Cars From People They Don't Trust!!!

“Honda’s on a really good path with good cars and good value,” Edmunds’s Caldwell said in a telephone interview. “Good value -- really nicely equipped with a decent price -- seems to be the magic formula. No one is ever going to say to you ‘Why’d you buy a Honda Accord?’”    Bloomberg

 I Love My Honda 
and Honda NEVER Ripped Off America 

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