Sunday, July 29, 2012

Message to Members of the My Leaf Forum.

Yesterday I was happy while participating in the forum because I knew some people were FINALLY listening to me.  For 3 years I've been trying to communicate LOTS of problems at NISSAN and I tried to save America from a "failure" and that's the NISSAN Leaf. NISSAN executives told me that the company had a "cash flow" problem.  Taking the DOE money solved the problem. NISSAN employees that knew their company committed fraud told me because they wanted it stopped. 
FYI I kept saying on my post I drive a Honda Hybrid- Then the moderator of the My NISSAN Leaf Forum banned me for life......That shows that the forum is not for America's desire to have electric cars it's a forum for NISSAN to "control information"  Be careful.  There is a bear in the woods ....

For the last 3 years I've blogged that I voted for Clinton and in 2008 Barack Obama .  NOW the prodigal Republican who grew up Neocon is back home to the GOP.   Because it's where I belong.  I've learned you can't solve problems without dealing with them "head on."  I'm sure many are NOT happy about having a "distant" cousin back in the family. Still we're family, I did grow up.... a bit:):)

At NISSAN I tried to hand over a list of inappropriate behavior to HR.  A list of bad spending of taxpayer money. A list that included issues of racism and discrimination.  NOBODY at NISSAN North America wanted.  Then I reached out to Tennessee's political leaders & they did NOT want to hear about it.  SO my blogs grew out of necessity.  NISSAN had me jailed on "trumped up" charges.  

To the Leaf owners that read about me on the My Leaf Forum:  How would you feel if you complained to NISSAN about your leaf and told them problems and their response was tossing YOU in jail.  What happened to me is basically the same thing.  

If people that participate on the My NISSAN Leaf Forum want to share information with journalist that are on the "right" side of isle please contact me. Many of you were taken advantage of.  For the record

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