Friday, January 6, 2017

James Comey (FBI) Leslie Caldwell (DOJ) iIgnored Loretta Lynch BECAUSE I was Told Senator Shelby BELIEVED ME & iDid Talk to Your (DOJ) Lady in the Bathroom of the Export-Import Annual Conference: iTrust the RICO Case about GREEN Fraud is gonna proceed with the NEW AG. Thank You For ALL YOU Do:):) Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower , DOD Whistleblower, Lockerbie Bombing Whistleblower & More

A Single Senator Stymies the Export-Import Bank - The New York Times
Jun 27, 2016 - Senator Richard Shelby has held up the nomination of a board ... senator, it has been a full year since the 82-year-old Export-Import Bank could ...

below was on my website BEFORE Nissan had it's hands on out taxpayer money.... I even testified at the Tennessee capital about NISSAN fraud BEFORE I endured a humiliating trial on Trumped up charges... worse the state legislature passed a law BANNING blogging & the ACLU had to save this conservative bloggers bacon......

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