Monday, November 28, 2016

James Comey Tell the Hard Working FBI Agents "I Got the Message" & When Loretta Lynch Tried to Have a Coincidental Meeting BUT I Ignored Her Cause Her Minions Have Ignored Fraud Connected to the 2010 Stimulus for a LONG Time & It's NOT Easy Ignoring a US Attorney General Whose Circling You at Costco.... Especially When She's Got the Secret Service Tagging Along... OMG!!! She Really Wanted Me to Talk to Her About the Fraud..... #JusticeCanHappen

It's RICO Baby...... I proved it & I ain't telling Lynch's ppl anything... cause i KNOW they'll ignore it... We're waiting for Trumps DOJ to pitch the 2010 Stimulus RICO case and America can get some of the `1.4 Billion it ripped off from the taxpayers ... Heck maybe Scott Becker, Andrew Tavi & Tracy Woodard will be in stripes.... #DareToDream cause dreams come true. 
NISSAN Whistleblower seeks VINDICATION

 I tweeted this to the official hashtag of the Nat Sec ABA Lawyers conference that had a LOT of DOJ attending

Less than 3 hours Loretta Lynch circled me 2 times at Costco

I was told it was NOT a coincidence.  People that are aligned with the Clinton machine in the DOJ are scared that indictments against Clinton Foundation donors could happen after Trump is sworn it. 

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