Wednesday, June 17, 2015

James Comey (FBI) Loretta Lynch (DOJ) What's Taking Ya'll So Long NOW the NISSAN Whistleblower is Doing a Series of 4 Photo-shoots to Expose Fraud, Corruption & Discrimination at NISSAN North America That Rhori Johnston of New Channel 5 Knew Was True & Refused to Report (He Did Confess to Getting a GREAT Deal on a NISSAN) & to Expose Judicial Abuse Happening in Williamson County Tennessee. NOTE TO FEDS It's RICO & I Can CLEARLY Prove It. I Was Promised "If I Could Prove the Need for RICO I'd Get It".... Where the **** is the RICO Case I'm Tired & for a 50 Year Old Woman to Have to Pose Naked Just to Get MSM Exposeing Shows HOW Corrupt the Mainstream Media is Too. The Tennessean a Gannett Owned Paper KNEW Sharyn Bovat Was Bullied in the Courts & They NEVER Reported it.... Why?

James Comey I got names of 3 more "wronged" people that were abused in the Williamson County courts ... The place is a cesspool of judicial cronyism & MANY people that spoke up about illegal actively with the Good Ole Boy network have had their constitutional rights denied or taken away. It MUST end & "this" my posing for a National tabloid is my only opportunity to show the problems to the masses "just" so people will insist on "change"... America can't succeed when community leaders abuse their power, leaders that are friends with business leaders, that are friends with local judges.  The Corruption in TN is Grade A bad.  Please help for information on the abuse of Sharyn Bovat call 615-944-7599  iMessage is turned on:):)  

Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore of Gannett Snowden's girlfriend got a LOT of publicity with this pic....  Huh what's that saying.... Imitation is the best form of flattery.  The Tennessean has not reported wrong doing by a Good Ole Boy Network & I'm gonna bring them down, even if that mean a 50 year old whistleblower has to "take it off" ... Heck I've been raped in the Tennessee courts & I learned that letting it all hang our is liberating in fact it's down right empowering.

Check-out the prop for the NEXT photo-shoot:):) 

NISSAN lost the surveillance tapes that showed my arrest at the North American HQ.... the DA Kim Helper NEVER asked for the tapes even after i told the first ADA fighting against me to get them.  I'm gonna "tell all" in an expose that I was promised "if" I pose naked.  I'll do ANYTHING to stop corruption & expose the truth about Tennessee (oops pardon the pun:):) 

Loretta Lynch tell your minions at the DOJ I have a copy of the email I sent to Carlos Tavares who was the President of NISSAN North America & one of my high level NISSAN clients ... it shows that I told him of the Good Ole Boy network and he even had an IT security guy help me with my internet privacy AFTER I started the blog. He wanted to clean up NISSAN but Carlos Ghosn wouldn't let him.  NOW Carlos Tavares is the President of Peugeot.

FYI- I helped him by communicating the men Carlos Ghosn accused of spies at Renault were innocent. I got information that helped Free the Renault Three from a person connected to ex FBI counter terrorism dude Mike Dorris (he's not in charge of corporate security for Credit Suisse) oddly i got his email from Wiki-leaks.  Mike did email me back & Yes he remembered me.  I get emails from a lot of people in the IC Buck Revell the ex FBI #2 emailed me to "shut up"... I think it's cause I did a lot of research for CIA operatives that worked with the FBI in reference to cover-ups & Iran Contra.

I told Carlos Tavares a lot of stuff & he knew each division at Renault and NISSAN had spies... I'm like talking "really spies" ... I was told that it's 10% just ask Nick Agelides I used to play bridge with his wife Lamya & she's Lebanese, her father played bridge with Omar Sharif & Lamya & Nick lived in the Netherland's the "same" time I did & that was during the Lockerbie Bomber's trial... & Milosevich The Netherlands were a spies playground between 1999-2001 & most of us left the summer of 2001 because ......

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