Tuesday, January 20, 2015

James Comey iHeard I'm on the CIA/MIC Clique Blacklist.... Can Ya'll Have My Name Removed?

Toughest selfie iEver took...

Message to MIC/CIA clique iHeard ya'll impressed I haven't had a nervous breakdown from ALL the abuse.  Have to admit the attacks on me have been EXTREME... Since 2008 when Tony Blair made that "deal in the desert" lots of hackings, outings, and horrible things happened to me BUT i knew it was being done to hurt me and i fought back.  Thanks to the internet iSurvived. Thanks to Apple i'm alive.  Thanks to Al Gore iSurvived. Thanks to the people loyal to Nancy Reagan iSurvived. It's been a team effort and told I'm on the final mile of the marathon. I'm not holding back and relaxing until justice happens and respect for the taxpayers happen. iLearned in Boston that the last miles is not always "coasting to victory" sometimes evil waits at the finish line.  

Too many people are aware of the illegal surveillance and the cronyism that it protects. 

Too many people know I'm on the "blacklist" & too many people know that good people in the govt. have helped me & want me to expose those that profit from the clique.  Personally I just want ya'll to retire and take your chips.  

The stock market artificially inflated & I was told that regular 401K owners are gonna get another "hit".... it's just not fair that the rich in America get richer- it's not fair that insider trading STILL happens and that members of congress  care more about their own portfolios that those of their constituents. 

Diane Black's husband did get a crony DHS contract after 9-11 and today she's worth between 40-60 Million.  She lived in a 300k house and now bought 3 lots on the same lakefront community Reba lives in and is making a 17k square foot house.  All with money that was "redistributed" from the masses to the elite. The masses are rebelling.   They tell me that the wealth will be redistributed the question is HOW? Which way is better... socialism or free market.  Todays stock market has too many purchases that mimic the Costco philosophy ...members "only" & the people not in the club can't make the same purchases and paying retail for too long has hurt those struggling just to survive. ....

I'm rambling. the bottom line is CHANGE is HAPPENING.... iJust don't know "what" it will be.

Have a great day!


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