Saturday, September 13, 2014

DOD Whistleblower Tells James Comey to Tell the FBI to NOT Worry About Investigating the Medea Benjamin (Codepink) Egyptian Abuse Cause it Was NOTHING More Than "A Phone Call"

I was told by an American Loving Egyptian that Codepink does NOT understand the situation in Egypt & that what happened to her was simply "a phone call"...   OK so "who" made the call?

Click here to read about that & Click here to read CBS article 

 After I was told about "the phone call" that got an American beaten up i was told I was "the most attractive woman at the conference" (middle eastern men LOVE red heads:):)   I then communicated to the people I spoke to my goal is to understand Egypt & blog about the sincerity of the new Egyptian government that they want to "respect ALL people" & then asked about the mass executions ordered by a judge (which ALSO were decided by "a phone call") I asked about the jailed journalist & told "if their in jail they did something wrong....if they did nothing wrong the system will work..."  I asked "how will it work?" they said "a phone call."  Does anyone else see a pattern?  So I asked about the new Egyptian President Sisi is muzzling journalist & was told "it's how to keep peace"....   Now the words spoken to me were part of simple conversations from only a few individuals & on the record I'm NOT saying they represent the opinions of the Egyptian government.  (I did a survey of those at the conference and 90% have their incomes connected to the military). As many people know I'm love my country & I respect the American military and knowing our taxpayer money is going to Egypt I should feel comfortable with what's happening in there - oddly I don't.

Read about El-Sissi "tough love" campaign with the press

Maybe Liz Cheney is right- maybe I really did go to the dark side.....
Click here to read about Dick Cheney being scared of a girl (me). 

OMG!!! I can't believe she really told someone that ....  the "bitch" blocked me on twitter for ranting about her stupid idea to run for Senate- I bet "that" could also be a reason why her daddy banned me from AEI.   It's just sad-I was told I was a member of the "family" and now they've disowned me.  Thank you to the DOD public affairs guy that told me to not travel certain places- i know "get it".......

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