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***UPDATE***DOD Whistleblower Asks James Comey to Investigate Car Crash of Louis Freeh the FBI Director During the TWA Cover Up Who Recently Fought Against Jimmy Haslam Whose Part of the CIA/MIC Clique ....His Mysterious Car Crash Warrants an Investigation. Heck My Mysterious Car Crash Warrants One Too... Start By Looking at Alliance of Carlos Ghosn Esbablished by Howard Baker Allies.. Louis Freeh Friend Patrick Leahy Staffers Told Me He Was Going After CIA/MIC Clique.... That is a Reason WHY They'd Want to Scare Him. I Was Told the Lockerbie Bombing Truth Would NOT Happen Till the TWA 800 Truth... Even Anderson Cooper Admits it Was a Missile....HELLO?

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     The above issue is connected to the one of Louis Freeh accident.... it's linked to Putin too-more soon

    Lots of 2010 Stimulus was wasted on technology people knew would fail... yet members of the CIA/MIC clique wanted congress to waste money on the premature launch of the EV... cause it would make Congress leary from funding any future attempt when the tech was "viable"... I was told NISSAN had no "break throughs" and can't make new promised car.  Heck they couldn't make the car they promised congress they could make when they took 1.4 Billion US taxpayer dollars.   James Comey the fraud is REAL! 

    Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh seriously hurt in car crash  USA TODAY-12 hours ago

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Cute Text message shows MAGNITUDE of what I live with The CIA/MIC stuff in TN real- just ask Al Gore he's in pic sent to me 
Date: August 25, 2014 at 10:04:19 PM CDT
To: Mark Silverman <>, Michael Dorris <>,, Annie Meenan <>, "" <>,,, "" <>,, "" <>

I got this text tonight - while going to Taco Bell: I'm really tired and terrified.  Not terrified of Al Gore just all the Iraqi stuff. Sardar Pishdare told me WHO funded ISIS Also scared of driving on Saturday - was the Louis Freeh car accident really an accident?  The guy that sent pic to me is a good source for the NISSAN ev fraud. 

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  1. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III Problems are just starting ...

    May 15, 2013 - Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Is joining forces against him. May 15 ... Tate claimed that Jimmy Haslam was contacting the companies, getting ...
Freeh is a longtime friend of U.S. Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt. Leahy frequently has mentioned times Freeh has visited the senior senator and his wife, Marcelle, at their Middlesex home.

"...State police said an investigation revealed that Freeh was headed south on Vermont 12 in his 2010 GMC Yukon when he drove off the east side of the road. The vehicle struck a mailbox and a row of shrubs, then came to rest against the side of a tree, police said. Freeh was wearing his seat belt, and no one else was injured, police said. The cause of the crash is pending investigation. Police said Monday night that no other information was available. The Vermont State Police initially said little about Monday's crash, .... State police waited until about 8:30 p.m., more than eight hours after the crash, to issue a news release — and only after repeated calls from local and national news media..."  USA Today

  1. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III Problems are just starting ...

    May 15, 2013 - Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Is joining forces against him. May 15 ... Tate claimed that Jimmy Haslam was contacting the companies, getting ...
Below from an email i sent a few days ago...
I mentioned TWA 800 cover up 

 The reason for this email/fax is to tell you that Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner (ex Gannett editor) that vetted me to be telling the truth- told me a few years ago I was around the “same” FBI-CIA people that did the TWA 800 coverup.

Sent from my iPhoneOK here’s the point: Mark Silverman told me at the Westin Hotel a few months ago he knows a lot of people that recently died in car crashes.  I was told that Michael Hastings was murdered by the CIA/MIC in a car crash.  I have to drive from Chicago to Pentagon City next week & I’m terrified.   It might be paranoia but Margaret Lesher was murdered in 1997 and Sonny Bono in 1998.  I learned the Clintons were bullied into “outsourcing” American intel.   Blackwater happened as a result of Bob Dole being a “spoiler” in 1996 (this was done by the CIA/MIC clique)  Elizabeth Dole from North Carolina will know the details. I’ve got some info on the Freddie Woodruff issue that might help. i think the cover up to the CIA guy that was murdered is linked to the CIA/MIC clique & i don’t want to be killed in a car crash.  Already those in the clique killed my beloved Honda (while I was driving to Wisconsin during the recall election and was gonna give details of NISSAN fraud to a reporter I was hit by a semi- the police report said it was my fault BUT i was told the truck had sensor and stuff and that the accident was NOT my fault. I’m totally confused about it BUT i think the crash happened so i could NOT talk to a reporter.  It scared me. 

Can the Feds protect my car & me when I drive to DC next week? 

Also when I’m living in DC i hope to get whistleblower resolution.  the TN courts did not help me cause their corrupt.  A DOJ lawyer (deputy of Eric Holder) told me to file a civil case against NISSAN…  it’s a long story but ALL that did was almost kill me - NISSAN paid off people to lie in affidavits and i got proof they lied.   I was promised RICO if i proved the need for RICO and I think I did that.  NOBODY will tell me if RICO is happening.  Please let me know about the safety issue.

Thank you 

Sharyn Bovat 

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