Wednesday, June 4, 2014

James Comey & Eric Holder It's My 49th Birthday Can the FBI Raid NISSAN North America & Can the DOJ Indict Jimmy Haslam? I've Got a Message for Erich Marx and Rhori Johnston Too....

This Black Op made me "dig" into my CIA past....  

OMG!!! in 5 years I've had 20 hair colors:):)

I was outed by NISSAN execs for being a former CIA researcher in winter 2009& was called into 4 meetings with HR

Comey Did Clapper tell you about the call I got yesterday. This guy abused in the courts needed help... I told him to go to the feds and he said he didn't trust em.. I told him to try and that ya'll at the FBI are "under new management"  he then call and then called me back and said "Sharyn you won't believe this... they listened to me and filed a complaint- I've got a # too"... Looks like the FBI is "back in business"... the corrupt people in the Tn courts and ALL courts in America  need to "get scared" & the smart ones need to "cut" immunity deals. 

Carlos Ghosn & Putin the Scam didn't work

FYI I started blogging about Tennessee corruption (NISSAN fraud & discrimination on June 4th 2009 - I had met with Carlos Tavares for about 3 hours in May 2009 & he at the time was President of Nissan North America and my relocation client (I was an in house vendor for NISSAN making 35 an hour helping top International execs with their moves-I became friends with Catherine Perez who was in charge of purchasing for the Renault/NISSAN alliance & later I learned she was the CEO Carlos Ghosn's former mistress- which I thought was odd since she "liked me".. I saved her notes-gifts and emails.  she told me in winter 2009 that NISSAN had a MAJOR cash flow problem and Dominique Thormann was "fixing it"... he took 1.4 US taxpayer dollars to build the EV (unnamed) - others at NISSAN told me it was outdated tech that Carlos Ghosn said before the move from California to Tennessee the technology was a failure... It was a failure UNTIl the taxpayers funded it.

In 2010 each NISSAN leaf "really" cost about 80K to build.  the list price was under 30K and with taxpayer credits America was really paying 80+% of the cost. the people buying the Leafs are using an elaborate scheme of grants and tax credits... the Leaf unlike the Tesla or even the GM volt (long term) is NOT sustainable

What's worse they charging stations being build with taxpayer money at the level 3 (fast charging) only worked on Japanese cars. The Japanese were forcing the ChaDuMo system while the German and USA car makers wanted another EV charging system...

LOTS of taxpayer money was given to NISSAN vendor via "grants" and the money went to scientist that designed tech that's used in WEAPONS systems. Then people at the DOD asked me to expose that NISSAN is helping Khoemini and Putin & then I learned more....

Since HR at NISSAN forgot to have me sign a Non Disclose & I never signed one with the government... I did the CIA research cause I'm a legacy - My grandfather was a DOD lawyer (Naval Intelligence) in 1944 and post WW2 he helped create the CIA... anyway because I could blog about all the problems legally people wanted me to blog... in fact they gave me MORE issues to blog about & now I'm "behind" on my whistleblowing.  Still I'm waiting to be paid. I cut a deal with Carlos Tavares to be a "change agent" is that deal still good?  or do I have to do what the DOJ lawyer suggested and sue NISSAN France and Japan for cyberly outing a former CIA researcher?  Please let me know?

Also I have proof Terry Wood the Williamson County ADA lied.  I have proof Kline Preston abused his role as a lawyer and that Baker Donelson the law firm connected to Howard Baker that knows my family from the Iran Contra era his law firm conspired to discredit me.   Google too.  I can "forgive" Google "if" they take away the "crazy" after my name or put that I'm "crazy like a fox"   dammit I want respect and NOW I have to go to Governor Haslam to "restore my reputation"...yikes!!!

Have a great day!

Message to NISSAN Exes and the Tennessee Taliban (Howard Baker-Tom Ingram-Haley Barbour clique): Call Me if you want anything.. I've not had access to my mail in 2 months but I told the court & lawyer to fax me if they needed anything .. If anyone wants to sue me or subpoena me or bully me with a cease and desist please send me a text 615-944-7599 & I'll give you my fax # 

Rhori - I have PROOF I told you of the fraud in 2009.... I don't think you or Erich Marx are corrupt I just think your "go along to get along".. society needs aggressive newsmen to clean up society.  Thank god for some of the channel 5 reporters....  I've been told that ya'll are gonna have some aggressive reporting that's gonna make America healthy... Thank You NC5 .  Tell your wife Pamela Hi and that I hope she's happy and OK... she's one of the nicest people I met in Tennessee and Michelle Marx was one of the most honest.   I can see why you and Erich are friends.  I'm pissed you both let abuse to me and my child happen but I "get" that the Good Ole Boy network is so powerful you just had to protect yourself.  It's the sad reality.  If the Tennessean "really" reported stories then Tennessee would not be #1 in corruption and #1 in violent crime...  Chas Sisk is a son of a Haslam-Khomeini ally and Randy McClain who was the business editor of the Tennessean was "corrupt"....  Mark Silverman was to but at a much higher level... I got lucky cause he became my friend and I got the "truth" about Tennessee from him &/or tips confirmed or denied.  He also "vetted" my blogs to be 85-90% Accurate. I never knowingly put stuff on my blog that's false and whenever I learn of a mistake or something wrong I make corrections.     Anyway today's birthday is lonely (my whole life the last 5 years has been cause people don't like whistleblowers) still I'm happy cause I told the truth and I know society will be better cause I'm fighting for what's morally right.  Maybe someday I'll have a normal life... my kid still asks about *****... tell your daughter hi.

My goal is to have a life so I've gotta expose ALL the fraud and corruption to stop Haley Barbour/Howard Baker good ole boy allies from killing me.  I can give any reporter a LIST of who was killed due to the corruption connected to the good ole boy network that's Tennessee based.  In 2017 "if" the JFK facts are released then people will know that the 1979 Khomeini deal is linked to the same network that killed Kennedy and bullied "killed" Martin Luther King.  Call me a conspiracy nut... but Rhori I'm 90% & I know the government watches everything I do... they have to - to protect me.  I wish they'd "lay off" of the rest of America ... maybe spend more time reading the emails and text messages from NISSAN execs.  I can prove that one of my death threats came from NISSAN North America... others came from Austin and some Mississippi... I'm gonna fight for my life... Good Ole Boys... GAME ON!!!


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