Thursday, May 1, 2014

James Comey Can YOU Have Someone at the FBI Contact Mike Dorris of Credit Suisse (Stratfor) I Need Help Bringing Down Carlos Ghosn the CEO of NISSAN & Renault Whose Also Chairman of the Board of Autovaz (Putin's Car Company)... American Scientist are Pissed Off... USA Tech is Going to the Enemy... Also There are Some Murders in Tennessee that Have NOT Been Investigated Properly... I Think It Has to Do with the CIA/MIC Clique and I Emailed: Ed Gillespie, Mike Dorris, Elizabeth Loftus, Park Overall, David Garrison, Jesselyn Radack, Mark Zaid, Reid Weingarten, Media Benjamin & Mark Silverman

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: This might show HOW BAD it is for Whistleblower's .... Hurricane Katrina & Sandy fraudsters part of MIC/CIA clique. FEMA guy spoke to me... Also There is a Murder that happened in 2010 That "if" investigated could show WHO in Williamson County TN part of MIC/CIA clique... The Mainstream Media Ignored it... Why? 
Date: May 1, 2014 at 2:36:45 PM CDT
To: Michael Dorris <>,,,,,, Mark Silverman <>,,,

Hello:  There’s a reason WHY I’m so paranoid. LOOK at this… it’s ALL true…I’ve got documentation, data emails, and web stats.

Mike Dorris can you please tell Stratfor that a DOD Public Affairs guy warned me about Gannett. Said they harmed National Security.- I told Mark Silverman… “not the brightest move on my part”….
The CEO of Gannett Gracia Martore gets 46 million “if” fired. She’s married to a CEO of an Army Intel company called Calibre - it was started in 1989 during the Lockerbie cover up. 

WHOEVER it was- thanks for helping with my mom:):)


PLEASE if someone has connections with the FBI have the feds look into the murders in Tennessee….  It’s really happening. People can commit crimes in Tennessee & the law lets it happen. It’s scary!!!!

I’m trying to explain the EV fraud.  I’ve got DOD & other sources that explained it… Treasury lawyers too… it has to do with BONDS etc. People that work at the agencies won’t speak up. They’re scared of losing their jobs.

The Haley Barbour link… THAT is why I believe the harassment of me was so bad.  I directly worked for Henry Barbour in 1992. Haley Barbour did deals with NISSAN and I was told by a NISSAN employee about Hurricane Katrina money that was abused by NISSAN and Haley Barbour…Donors profited… then I learned the people linked made money on hurricane Sandy. It’s REALLY bad….same people linked to EV fraud… DOD guy said premature launch of the EV was a “false flag” operation the goal was to keep America dependent on OIL…. I think that is why Al Gore liked to read my blog. He wanted the EV to succeed.  Then the Sal Russo CIA types did the 2010- Oregon tabloid story to bully’s really sad… trying to put it together in pictures… 


It was in July 2010 that I was arrested this is almost a year AFTER I had to move out of my child’s home: I signed an agreement with him that we could date other people-so the “sleeping with Silverman thing is not that bad.

Docs stolen from my apartment PROVE I was a "change agent" that supported the EV... what I did not support was the FRAUD!!!   Some of the docs were returned to me... evidently stuff the government thinks is classified is STILL confiscated... 
My security clearance is called DNA and James Clapper you can't take it away ....   Why was I told I know too much intelligence to work at the CIA... You'd think that would be a "positive".... just wondering?   Mike Dorris tell Stratfor I'll work for them in their Vail office? Thank You!!!

FYI to pay for the rent & life for 3+ years i used money I got in 2008 from a settlement from a “cyber” attack - around the time of the Megrahi release my computer was hacked by a CIA vendor- I can’t talk about who or how much cause I signed a NDA …. 

I got something that will make FRANK DUGGAN and Buck Revelll KNOW that the Lockerbie "cover up" is OVER - Do either of them have the balls to meet with me in person?  Boys I don't bite.... Just ask Mark Silverman:):)

Good News!! Just Got a Text
One Person Volunteered to Intern:):)

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