Friday, April 11, 2014

The TRUTH About Why Sharyn Bovat Has Been Bullied By NISSAN - Baker Donelson - The State of Tennessee.... James Comey RICO Needs to Happen for Humanity!!!

Message from Sharyn: 
I'm getting ready to visit someone in New Jersey- enjoy the Tribeca Film Festival & visit Ground Zero for the fist time since the towers fell-it's my hope that inspiration from the memorial will energize me in the final mile of this marathon.  That reminds me one of my sources confirmed that Carlos Ghosn the CEO of 

NISSAN is linked to the people that are "partly" responsible for the Boston Bombing...The attack in Bean city happened the "same" day as the FBI  raid on Pilot Flying J... The Haslam family buys oil "illegally" from Putin and until new sanctions hit - Khomeini, visit my blog about the Haslam family for those details. The people linked to Carlos Ghosn, Howard Baker, Tom Ingram, & other are are part of a CIA/MIC clique that goes back a LONG time.  The clique is linked to the 1979 deal with Khomeini to keep hostages UNTIL a republican was in charge. I do NOT remember hearing the word Reagan in 1979- ONLY do I remember "the pilots will get more money ONCE the republicans are in charge"... this was said by Ed Heering.....   My dad Larry Bovat was in charge of the strike negations for the pilots of World Airways & my "most likely" bio dad was the owner of World Airways his name was Ed Daly & he was an "original" member of the CIA/MIC clique. When I was jailed for "whislteblowing" it pissed of some pretty tough people.. to them THANK YOU!!! 

My grandfather always said the best way to solve a problem is to have someone who created it... I did NOT create the problem BUT I'm aware of "how" the network works.  I was told the 2nd generation "lost track of the goals"... war no longer was a way to "stimulate" an economy....  it's really twisted... but it's true.  If you want ask Mr. Rumsfeld about War-conomics or ask Mr. Smith of FedEx... I met both of them when I was a child...  kind of CREEPY!!!!   

The CIA-Military Industrial clique has harmed too many for too long.... Good Ole Boys that profit from Putin and Khomeini ... GAME ON!!!  

Paybacks a Bitch & the bitches name is SHARYN:):)

 Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson I want RESPECT and dammit AMERICA deserves it too...
I'm sick of the Mainstream media ignoring this story is Gracia Martore of Gannett a War Whore or what?  She get's 46 Million "if" fired.  Tell me is Gannett NOT reporting stories just to keep their shareholders happy... Lives & limbs are lost - **** you Gannett

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