Monday, April 21, 2014

NYC Agencies Thinking of Suing NISSAN for LYING About Technology in NISSAN Leaf - Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat Told "She Was Right" & NOW Toyota and Ford are Most of the Yellow Cab Taxi Cab Fleet. Sharyn Bovat PUSHING RICO and Wants Lying Execs JAILED. Says Too Much Money Wasted That Could Have Gone to Education & the Homeless.

NISSAN does business with Iran & Putin but Bloombergs guy did a deal anyway- Why?                 Good News!! 

The campaign of UANI & my blogs-ranting informed others and humanity won: why Would the city that had the largest terrorist attack 9-11 buy taxis from a company whose. CEO does business with Terrorist Nations - 

Thank To semi socialist Bill De Blasio good things are happening in NYC.  Just heard some NYC taxi people want RICO against Nissan too- MILLIONS wasted cause Nissan execs lied about their tech. I blogged in 2010 that Nissan used tech from 90's.

Thank you Jesus!!!

Sharyn Bovat

"..... Last month, City Limits' Bronx Bureau reported that the sole remaining driver had turned off his heat during the winter in order to extend the car's battery life because the driving range of his car had fallen so low. ...."

Fleet has problems
The TLC also found one taxi fleet willing to try out two Leafs. But the fleet stopped participating because its owner complained that, because the cars didn't travel far enough and took too long to charge, his drivers didn’t want to lease them.

  1. Excerpt of an article written by Oliver Morrison in City Limits... Thanks to ALL the journalist that cover this - 

    Please tweet John Voelker & ask him WHY he lets the "cover up" continue... The auto industry can't get healthy with editors that "muzzle" stories. He's another Mark Silverman -


      May 25, 2013 - Gene Friedman - Please STOP The NISSAN Taxi of Terror - Lets Expose Mayor Bloomberg for Supporting Companies That Support Iran and Al ...
    I blogged in 2011 about the issue- I have proof the taxi commission knew... still they supported those that support Al Qaeda - WHY? 

    NYC Taxi's Support IRAN -

    Aug 1, 2011 The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower. Main Navigation. Harvey Milk ? .... NYC Taxi's Support IRAN. Currently Mississippi ONLY ...

    Because I know that Carlos Ghosn i linked to terrorist - I'm fight for AMERICA & want the FBI to prosecute NISSAN execs that committed fraud and treason. I have "proof" Joe Castelli - Jon Brancheau, Eric Marc & Tracy Woodard KNEW they were harming America. Call me FBI 615-944-7599.  

    Why don't you release John Kiriakou who was "being patriotic" and put some auto execs in Loretto- that seems "fair"..... 

    The fraud is real & poor people suffered.  James Comey RICO needs to happen for humanity.  Why don't you get Eric Marx to cut a deal?  He's was a good guy but got sucked into the fraud. He has kids so keep him out of jail and put Jon Brancheau & Tracy Woodard in... Along with Carlos Ghosn, Bill Krueger, Scott Becker, Cal Vickers & others. I know the non American's that support Putin and Khomeini will "walk" but you can freeze their assets.  A Treasury lawyer told me you can "ride their asses" until their forced to do the ethical thing.  America needs the fraud to end.  Bloomberg's people KNEW that NISSAN did business with Iran and did NOTHING!!!

Gene Friedman - Please STOP The NISSAN Taxi of Terror - Lets Expose Mayor Bloomberg for Supporting Companies That Support Iran and Al Qaeda..... It's Time for RESPECT for the Taxpayers

  1. Let's Make NISSAN the Next World Airways.... The world will be better.
    FYI- I loved World Airways.   The people of World Airways raised me but the ones in the "know" knew the airlines management (Randy Martinez) helped fuel the Iraq war "just to profit. Randy is friends with Jim Morton who was the right hand man of Carlos Ghosn.
    Call Me Sharyn Bovat for details.

    Mr CSR "Flight" - Note to NISSAN Board

    Ed DalyNISSAN- I want the CSR job because I was inspired at a VERY young age. My dad ... Sharyn's Mom was Chief Flight Attendant for Transocean Airlines

I'll be at the NYC auto show briefly today. - 
gotta slip a guy a flash drive (just kidding)

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