Wednesday, March 19, 2014

James Comey & the FBI The Guy Hired By the Iranian National Guard to Build the Lockerbie Bomb is Boasting About it on FACEBOOK...Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson - I Have NOT Been to My Post Box in 3 Weeks Going Friday. Call Me if You Want to Serve Me A Notice Saying the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn KNOWS Nothing About the Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up & is NOT Connected to the CIA. Also Serve Me Documents Saying Howard Baker of Baker Donelson Knew NOTHING of the Lockerbie Cover Up... Once I Get That I'll Apologize- I Make Clarifications on This Blog When I'm Wrong... a TOP Gannett Editor Who Won the Ben Bradlee Award & Got a Pulitzer Prize Nomination Said I'm About 90% Accurate & "that" Makes Me Credible.

To be candid- this can't get any weirder....

This is to educate the NISSAN elite to the high level of "scum" that Carlos Ghosn is connected to.  Soon you will learn he's part of a Global Good Ole Boy Network involved with weapons deals and CIA backed drug trafficking.  

Evidently John Brennan had to fire a top CIA guy in charge of IRAN operations... I heard the reason is linked to LOTS of problems in the world.  There's a reason WHY the CIA hacked my computer... I pray to god that "that" element is gone.  

Carlos Ghosn is VERY close to Putin & he's the Chairman of Autovaz- my ex lawyer had a conflict of interest since he was DIRECTLY paid by the Russian govt/Putin people.  Lots more to be "uncovered".... bottom line. Baker Donelson abused me... NISSAN did too & I'm sick of having to blog everyday-I was told it's my only hope of staying alive. 

Several people have been murdered in Tennessee and they have NOT been investigated.... The Governor Bill Haslam has profited from the Lockerbie Cover Up via Vitol ... Mike Loya skirts Iranian sanctions & deals were done in 1979 to "get rid of Carter"  Howard Baker knows what they are.   

If any of this is wrong call me 615-944-7599 and I'll clarify and apologize.  Also to the people that are worried about me after seeing the video.. I'm OK... I made that when I was watching the coverage of MH370... it breaks my heart that people have had to wait 25 years for the Lockerbie Truth...

Have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

FYI- I have court documents showing I told my lawyer in 2010 that I endured the 3 arrest due to the Lockerbie cover up.... Kline Preston to my knowledge has NOT yet signed an affidavit saying he's NOT connected to the CIA-at least I know he's not related to the top lawyer at the DOD anymore.  

Lockerbie: Will truth be known?
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'Bomb-maker' brags about El Al blast, posts Lockerbiephotos

The Times of Israel-3 hours ago
Police and investigators look at what remains of the flight deck of Pan Am 103 in a field in Lockerbie, Scotland, December 22, 1988.

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