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Hedy Weinberg- Turn the Fax Machine On We Got Another 1st Amendment Issue- Brigid Carpenter Is Howard Baker STILL Profiting From Those Linked to CIA Drug Trafficking.. Heroin is Cheap for a Reason.. If We "Pull Out" of Afghanistan it will Get Expensive.. If That Happens Maybe Less Needless American Deaths? James Comey of the FBI I Got a Call From Sandy Garrett - She Seemed Nice If You Question Her She'll Know WHO Let Me Be Abused- I Know (EVERYONE KNOWS) the Abuse Happened. Thank You & Have a Great Day.

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Subject: UPDATE & CLARIFICATION Re: THIS IS RICO! NEW 1st Amendment Issue - At Least 6 People wronged in Tennessee Courts have Global CIA ties... 
Date: March 28, 2014 at 10:35:47 AM CDT
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UPDATE- Clarification 

Sandy Garrett  of the Tennessee Board of Professional Accountability office called me & said Joe Baugh did NOT review my complaint- she will not tell me who did. I did tell her that in Tennessee many have “conflicts of interest” with NISSAN & that Judges sat on the bench during my ‘trumped up’ trial that had conflicts of interest that did not recuse themselves.  She said that they are NOT allowed to talk about issues publicly- i have lawyers that will refute Sandy Garrett’s claims. In fact I can show that Earlie Story the man who suffered in the courts of Chris Craft during the same time Martin Luther Kings family was denied justice and was also “framed” in Memphis because he witnessed a murder/cover up in the jail that was retaliation done by people involved with CIA drug trafficking- the FBI in the late 90’s knew he was innocent and did NOTHING. I have audio tapes …

Below is an email I received from a person that is going to create a website highlighting their judicial abuse done to them.  FYI- a documentary is "in the works”  about the “abuses” done in the Tennessee courts.

I’m cc’ing those linked to Lockerbie cover up because the “unethical” element in society that infected the Scottish courts has infected the courts in Tennessee.  I have 6 examples of the CIA involved in abuses done in the Tennessee courts…in some of the cases innocent children were giving custody to “ so called” CIA assets & or those committing crimes for the CIA. I’ve looked at data & there’s a pattern of the SAME judges being involved.  Oddly the FBI gave immunity to criminals working for those linked to “ very questionable”  CIA deals and one innocent spouse has gone public her name is Amy Burns - he future ex Troy Burns is a Money launderer I’ve posted his name on a blog and have given him the opportunity to “clarify” just like I did with Sandy.  Ms. Garrett showed she’s simply doing her job and responded to me in a polite way - whereas those linked to Troy Burns “slander me” - FYI Troy Burns hired Blackwater linked Tony Pomo the owner of the Shadow detective agency  

What’s really sad is that CIA drug trafficking STILL happens…. if the FBI wants to stop it they they will inspect EVERY DOD (taxpayer funded) FedEx shipment arriving memphis… I talked to In December 2013 Ryan Loskarn the former Chief of Staff for Lamar Alexander about this … he was arrested a week later.  FYI- his indictment was delayed.. I heard he could have been bullied into suicide.  It’s sad. Less than 2 months prior to Loskarn’s arrest I was told HOW the unethical people in the iC frame people using porn and the web.

If America is gonna get healthy - ALL of us have to work together I’m grateful Sandy returned my call. We talked about a NEW rule that crushes the 1st Amendment in Tenneessee - I told her I will get the ACLU on it.  They helped when the Tennessee legislature tried to stop my rights from blogging … it’s TRUE.. In Tennessee they wanted to make blogging “illegal”… This is a Law that was created to target me:  Thanks the the ACLU i did not go to jail a 4th time. Below is an email showing that the Tennessee Supreme court has a NEW rule & I talked to Sandy Garrett today & told her that it’s ANOTHER 1st amendment issue.

Lastly- I decided to go public that in the 90’s I dated Mike Dorris.. he’s the FBI guy that the 9-11 commission found was “misled” to by the CIA and it’s “a" reason WHY the towers fell.  I learned from a Blackwater source & a person that was part of the 9-11 commission that CIA vendors knew years before the death of Bin Ladin where he was - they let the war continue so they could keep their lucrative DOD contracts. Many of the people that profited are from Tennessee and linked to Howard Baker. The Tennessee courts wanted me discredited - WHY?  Kline Preston did NOT do his job properly - Why? The CIA did not respond to my IGO request when Kline told me he was related to the top lawyer of the CIA - Why? 
The Tennessee Board of Professional conduct thinks it’s OK I’m asked to list “sexual positions” on in interrogatory and be told I could be jailed for contempt of court “if” i did not answer - Why? 

My sources are good… i knew the MH370 cover up was happening.. lucky that has stopped & it’s thanks to some on this email.
It’s my belief I’ve been humiliated in Tennessee to be discredited- ONLY to protect those in the CIA and their vendors (FedEx), the TN Governor & other linked to Howard Baker that profit from Putin and Khomeini.

Have a great day!!

Sharyn Bovat

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From: ****************
Subject: BPR
Date: March 26, 2014 at 5:59:10 PM CDT
To: Sharyn Bovat <>

The BPR must have made a new rule - based upon what gets posted on the web about them..... (you just might have something to do with it...)
Essentially they told me that I am prohibited from disclosing anything about my complaint against an attorney I filed on...... It was Clear that she violated dozens of rules, but they found NO violations.....
The new "gag" rule started in January of this year.
I could only post something if the attorney was found to be at fault...
Isn't that just more nuttiness in Tennessee?
They said that I would be "retaliated" against if I broke the confidentiality rule...
So, I decided that instead of making a complaint which they won't do anything - I will do so publically.  If I make further complaints, they will DENY it and THEN prohibit me from saying anything about it...

On Mar 27, 2014, at 5:03 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

Joe Baugh the NISSAN Lawyer that Baby sat the DA's Case Against Me & KNEW that my “ex” lawyer Kline Preston 
was NOT doing his job to the best of his ability is on the committee that reviewed my complaint against him? 
He also let me be humiliated by an interrogatory question:  PLEASE FBI investigate!!!

I was jailed 3 times…the 1st time for a “trumped up” trespass charge & there was NO court order saying I could not be on NISSAN property and a 2nd & 3rd time I was jailed for a crime that does not exist.  If people care about America they will investigate it and report it!!!

Then we have Aaron Conklin who works for a trucking company that is a BIG Nissan vendor reviewing the judges that let abuse done to me happen….

Please call me if I’m wrong

Sharyn Bovat

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Oct 15, 2013 - CLICK HERE TO SEE NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE KIM HELPER ... Labels: aaron conklin, judge jeff bivins, judge robbie beal, judg

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