Friday, March 21, 2014

Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson Please Tell Me Who I Submit the Change Agent Invoice & Can YOU Help Me Get Governor Haslam to Sign an Executive Order That Expunges My Record. FYI - I Do NOT Understand ALL the Abuse & I Don't Think ANYONE Wants to Explain HOW NISSAN & the State of Tennessee Jailed a Carpool Mom & the Courts Took Away Her Due Process Rights... FYI in 2010 I Told the Williamson County ADA (the One Before Terry Wood) I Was a "Change Agent"... Carlos Tavares Who Was the President of NISSAN North America PinPointed Massive Problems... He Needed Someone He Could Trust... Now He's Gone.. Peugeot is Lucky to Have Him... I Told an Associate I'd Keep Blogging UNTIL He Told Me to Stop...Then I Was Told I Had to Keep Blogging or "They Will Kill You"... Carlos Ghosn is Part of a Global Network of Business Leaders Linked to Iran Contra Era CIA...françois de grossouvre lebanon carlos ghosnIt's TRUE.. The Lebanese Ghosn is From the Bekka Valley & KNOWS Those That Worked with Unethical CIA... His Ex Right Hand Man Jim Morton Who Brought the Company to Tennessee (met at Michelin) Knows...They Also Know That My Mom Was Close to Those in French Intelligence.... When I Was a Little Girl I Met François De Grossouvre - Carlos Ghosn WILL Know the Lebanon Linked Mitterrand Dude... Carlos Ghosn Will Know WHY the Lockerbie Bombing "Guest List" Was Created... Carlos Ghosn Will Know WHO Is Responsible for the Deaths of HUNDREDS of People....

In 2009 I told the President of NISSAN North America about discrimination & corruption happing in Tennessee. He told me relocating the company to the stat was "destroying" the company.  Carlos Tavares told me he "thought" people in the state were "stupid" ... I emailed him & said the problem was a Good Ole Boy network.  In May 2009 I met with him for over 3 hours... On my 44th birthday June 4th I started a website to "rant" about real problems... Long story short a person met with me and asked if I'd be a "change agent".... issues had to be exposed to "save the company"...  the person that asked knew my background... granted I left the IC world in 1993 but I still was capable of a campaign to clean up NISSAN North America & if necessary do a coup...

The problems at NISSAN were LOTS worse than I expected...MILLIONS of pages views on different  blogs tell the situation ..... It's complicated-more soon

Sharyn Bovat was a Change Agent
I was forced to do it AFTER "NISSAN outed me"....  I agreed to do it for 13,250 a month . Carlos Tavares emailed me DIRECTLY after I sent an email saying in a Google search change agents made between $12,500 & $15,000 a month & we'd split it in the middle. I did bad math and screwed myself in the confirmation out of $500 a month. Anyway-I told him it was all inclusive and include website fees.  Someone tell Carlos Tavares the did NOT include "bail".

It was relayed to me that I need to get Governor Haslam to do an executive order & expunge my record: since my Due Process rights were violated & fighting in the systemically corrupt courts in Tennessee is a waste of time. Also I should simply send an invoice.  I told Tavares he only had to pay me when he was CEO... Well he is. NOW do I send the invoice to NISSAN or Peugeot? 

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