Saturday, March 22, 2014

Brigid Carpenter & Baker Donelson- Told Ya I Was a Change Agent: Jalopnik Article from 2010 SHOWS that Sharyn Bovat Whistle Blew About "an Internal Battle of Control"... Carlos Tavares NOW CEO of Peugeot and Carlos Ghosn Were Having a "Fiight" For Custody....

  1. This Woman Was Arrested After Whistle-Blowing On Nissan - Jalopnik

    Oct 5, 2010 - Sharyn Bovat was hired by Nissan North America in January 2009 to help relocate corporate executives, a job she had done as an outside ...

This is from an actual court document filed in the Tennessee Court of Appeals... & available to any auto journalist along with copies of voicemails from allies of Mr. Tavares received after the arrests done to Sharyn (me) on trumped up charges

NISSAN Discriminates & the Gannett Owned Tennessean has NOT reported it....

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