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Part of Package Going to 6 US Agencies PROVING Abuse to Whistleblower Happened... I Was Told to Start from the Beginning... OK....It's Kindof Embarrassing BUT it's TRUE. Mentions Carlos Tavares Whose NOW CEO of Peugeot

Hey "if" I could be arrested 2 TIMES for "stalking" a corporation (for whistleblowing) can I get a restraining order against NISSAN.... & swear out warrants against NISSAN- Just like Rob Trayham did to me?   

I'm terrified of living in fear: If NISSAN can accuse me of "Stalking"  a corporation then I should be able to accuse NISSAN (a corporation) of bullying, slandering,
& threatening to kill the whistleblower.    

look the motion to quash my subpoenas (my defense & why I was found guilty of the lowest level misdemeanor - to a speeding ticket. the motion was made by a NISSAN lawyer "acting" as the representative of the "victim" I was told "that" violated my American rights.  I'll share it with the Senate Judicial Committee.  Mark Kirk- see you soon.  God Bless America and the US Constitution.  I also found out the "so called" letter used to have me arrested for trespassing "falsified"   I want an investigation. 

Frederique Le Greves Former Client of Sharyn Bovat Did Suicide Press Release.... Sharyn Bovat is TERRIFIED!!!

The person that did the Renault communication in reference to the "future" suicides" is Frederique LeGraves and she used to work at NISSAN North America and was a former client of mine.  NOW she's the Chief of Staff to Carlos Ghosn...  

Frederique Le Greves is a former client of mine from 2008.  She lived in a home that she rented (using taxpayer money as part of the NISSAN 193 million state of Tennessee relo deal) for 3200 a month, normal rent for the neighborhood 2400.  The deposit for the home was (taxpayer money about 15K) the owners said NISSAN did not deserve the money back... the house was in good condition... I was told by Marlin Chapman the director of HR to NOT complain..  On my own I did research on "who" owned the LLC of that home... It was "vendors" from NISSAN....One connected to Jim Morton who's connected to Jim Demint.... and was on the same board as Randy Martinez the former CEO of World Airways. What's really outrageous is in 2008 I was asked to find a spa for Oxygen Facials and the money was from a cost center "funded" by the taxpayer.

How can this get weirder also I'm terrified.... the people here scare me

Have a Great Weekend!

OMG!!!  The person that did that in Paris Frederique LeGraves was one of my former clients a NISSAN executive who when on to become Chief of Staff for Carlos Ghosn… what makes me scared is Carlos Ghosn directly knew that I knew about his CIA connections…  

OK OK... this website is confusing... I've been told I have to "start from the beginning"... This is an excerpt .....It's true too.....

His (Ghosn's) ex mistress Catherine Perez   She got the Tennessee NISSAN job after they broke up… Catherine in February 2009 took me to Stony River for steaks & mentioned being angry at the “new” woman who got a promotion in France.  Later Mouna Sepheri was put on  the Renault Management committee at Renault- that ticked of the Pro-Tavares people at Renault...A NISSAN employee who had to sit on a corporate jet waiting for Ms. Sepheri in Michigan was “annoyed” and told me a bunch of issues. 

In 2008 Catherine Perez was my relo client turned friend & mentor-she took me out to eat (a lot), I was her date for parties that homes of NISSAN executives, she sent me sweet emails & gave me gifts: During the holidays in 2008 she was still emotional about her break up with Mr. Ghosn .. yet she had a new French man who was going to help her "make a baby"... His name was Vincent Valdmann - he got a big promotion to be Director of Power train the State of Tennessee spent about 200k on his relocation from an ECD slush fund.  I managed his relo too. During that time I was asked by Marlin Chapman to "keep his relo cheap"  but Catherine told me to override Marlin's actions via Mark Stout.  Catherine told me she got what she wanted and explained to me over a bottle of Bordeaux after a one on one with Carlos Ghosn in his office prior to her departure from Japan.  She gave me details about her "break up deal" she got to take an extended vacation fully paid (a mental health break) & spend time in France with her mom & then NISSAN sent her to Harvard for a certificate program and got more down time before starting her NISSAN purchasing job in made her the “highest ranking woman” one that told me when she gave me a basket full of luxury spa items she wanted to apply body butter on me-ALL over me...  we never did that.   I have copies of her emails and "notes" I have the gifts she gave me. Lemonde & Lefigaro how about doing a story?   NEVER did i reciprocate... except on her birthday I got her a bag of Trader Joes groceries.  

Catherine promised to help me get a full time job & I knew she “had a crush” on me.  I’m not gay but I did flirt with her because  I needed a job and at the time an HR leader (Marlin Chapman) told me that if I did not do what he wanted (steer clients to companies that he or others got "kick backs" from NISSAN would  replace me (a $35 an hour consultant) with an $12 an hour temp. He said the cost savings would justify getting rid of me.  Knowing HR wanted to replace me with a cheaper person & that I had a reputation for steering my clients to insurance companies, realtors and others that I thought did a good job and not the "preferred" ones that technically I was not required to do. I knew I was gonna lose my job. In winter 2009 I decided to whistle blow to Carlos Tavares my relocation client who was a NISSAN board member & the incoming President of NISSAN North America. 

Catherine Perez became the VP of Purchasing for the Renault NISSAN Alliance in 2008 and and she is the one that tipped me off to the Dept. of Energy fraud.  NISSAN needed the 1.4 Billion as a “stealth bailout”   Nissan had a “cash flow” problem.

After issues I told Tavares about (women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% the year I whistle blew) proved to be trueI was called into NISSAN HR 4 times - each time I was told I was fired… 2 times by Marlin Chapman a Director and 2 times by Mark Stout the VP in charge of ALL the America’s … 

Why would they spend all the time with me?   All this was after I whistle blew to Tavares in March 2009.

In February 2009 I was told on the executive floor that Carlos Ghosn hired "ex CIA" to stay in control of both NISSAN & Renault.  I'm alleging my computer was tampered by ex CIA working at NISSAN in March 2009. Marlin Chapman had put it in “writing” that NISSAN would pay me for 6 months to do NOTHING & he told me he was telling Tavares that due to his "cost reductions" I had to be replaced.  I sent that email to Mr. Tavares...thus showing Tavares it was NOT the cost reductions on WHY I was fired.  Then Mr. Tavares told Mark Stout to meet with me & then Mr. Stout met with me twice... On one occasion I was asked if i used an "alias" while working for NISSAN.  They accused me of using a false identity- which was ridicules I was using my same 1st name and the alias i was accused of was my married name.  

Carlos Tavares met with me several times after NISSAN HR fired me & I still took him & his wife places and his assistant Judy had to arrange for me to borrow an Infiniti... because I drove a CRV & Mr. Tavares could not be seen in a Honda.  

The Nissan loan (bailout) was illegal cause NISSAN used collateral backed by the taxpayers…a 2 Billion dollars Rutherford County IDB Bond.  Obama used a “bundler” from his elections (The Paul Weiss Law Firm) to review the loan and it was financed by the Federal Financing Bank. In the end the NISSAN Leaf will cost the taxpayers. 3.5 Billion: Nissan promised 1500 green jobs and they’d make 200k batteries a year… so far the demand is just 25k leafs a year and Japan has the capacity to build 50K I was told that the car comes in a “kit” so the parts are Asian and only 100-150 real jobs will be created but when the subsidies dry out then no jobs.  

What makes it a crime is the car promised to congress got 100 miles per charge - the Leaf was rated at 73 miles per charges…The technology they claimed to have they did not.  I was told by NISSAN employees the cars battery is technology from the 90’s when California at C.A.R.B. requirements.  Nissan for the Leaf used technology the CEO Carlos Ghosn said was a “failure” and he did not offer jobs to those that did the EV when moving the company to Tennessee.   

During that time NISSAN was drawing down on the Dept. of Energy loan I was facing misdemeanor charges that were sworn out by Rob Trayham of NISSAN corporate services. Because of the charges I could not obtain a lawyer to file a False Claims Act ... I was told that the charges of "stalking a corporation" took away credibility.  The charges also destroyed my child was bullied. In November 2012 when i learned Carlos Tavares was still using my home address for his Costco membership... I flipped. Had I really been harassing Carlos Tavares which is "what" the Willianson County ADA implied "over and over again.. Baker Donelson too... "if" that were true Mr. Tavares would have not used my home address.  He also would have sent a letter to the courts.  The fact is Carlos Tavares was going to be one of my witnesses BUT a Tennessee judge quashed it. 

I suffered 19 months fighting in the Tennessee courts and America is now Billions more in debt. It's estimated that "just" NISSAN North America has 6 Billion in IDB debt via Rutherford County  Time has proven that issues I blogged about since June 4th 2009 are true... I testified at the Tennessee State capital about the judicial abuse in 2011... those politicians did not listen.. they did get donations from NISSAN & some got cars.

A former NISSAN employee told me they took the tech off a dusty the shelf… A few years ago I was told that since NISSAN  does business with IRAN - it would have been illegal to have given NISSAN money "had" they had the technology they told Congress they had.  I learned the Dept. of Energy money the way they said it was…I was told "consultants" were hired an paid via Bermuda.  I was in Washington DC in January 2011 and the same day I talked to a guy a Federal judge agreed to an order allowing the IRS to open NISSAN's books.  2 years ago I was told that NISSAN was hiring American scientist using American taxpayer money to create tech that would directly go to Putin (Autovaz) & to Khomeini (Renault) Carlos Ghosn is smart...  When the Dept. of Energy loan is not repaid it won't hurt the bottom line of NISSAN... it's the taxpayer.   

I have a lot more - emails and documents will
be provided to a journalist that will report the story of DOE fraud... You'd be amazed at the bipartisan network of bankers, politicians and foreign companies that took Stimulus money in 2009-2010 knowing they were scamming "the average" taxpayer.  It's time for RESPECT.
  1. OMG!!!  The person that did that in Paris Frederique LeGraves was one of my former clients a NISSAN executive who when on to become Chief of Staff for Carlos Ghosn… what makes me scared is Carlos Ghosn directly knew that I knew about his CIA connections…  

    1. Frederique Le Greves at › Topics › Executives
      Renault wants the whole truth to come out and will repair any injustice that has been done," company spokeswoman Frederique Le Greves said by telephone, ...
    2. Renault Suspends 3 Suspected of Revealing Secrets -
      The New York Times
      Jan 6, 2011 - Executives at Renault Suspended in Secrecy Breach ... A spokeswoman for RenaultFrédérique Le Grèves, said she could not comment in ...

    Contacted by Le Parisien, Le Grèves – now Ghosn’s chief of staff – managed to dig herself into a still deeper hole by insisting that the draft communiqué was “pure and simple anticipation, just a form of words in case we needed to respond to journalists.” 

 Born on May 13, 1967, Frédérique Le Grevès graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion. She started working for Opel France in 1991 in the Public Affairs department.She joined Delphi in Detroit, USA in the Marketing and Communications department. From 1995 to 2003, she was Communications Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa region at Delphi in Paris. In 2004, she joined Nissan Europeas Vice President Communications. In 2005, she was appointed to Nissan Americas as Vice President Communications covering internal, product and corporate Communications for the US, Canada and Mexico. Shereturned to France and was appointed Vice President Corporate Information for the Renault Group in August 2008. In December 2010, she is appointed as Vice President, Deputy to Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.
Renault Plans to Make Flins Factory Heart of European Electric Vehicle Project -, 9 May 2011 [cached]
Frédérique Le Grevès, a Renault spokeswoman, said shecould confirm "neither the volume of cars nor how long we will produce the Clio 4 in Flins."

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Asks the Global Do Gooders and Iceland to Help Edward Snowden: Odds Are in Central/South America He Would Be Murdered- This is a Plea to Get a Civilized Nation to Give Asylum to Snowden.
Date: July 18, 2013 8:59:08 PM CDT
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>

  1. Hello and Welcome Iceland Member of Parliament:  This email is a request from an American to help my nations heal and to "move on" from the recent leaking of information.  It's also to help Edward Snowden.

    It's too dangerour for Edward Snowden to live in Latin America... A friend told me that he'll have a 

    bullet in his head within a year.  Therefore it would be best for him to have Asylum in Iceland.

     America would be harmed "if" a Snowden trial were to happen. Too much has already

    been leaked and we don't need to hear any more...The public right now does NOT trust the government and it would only get worse with the day to day news coverage of a Snowden trial.  Also the odds are 80% in a civilian trial in a blue state he'd be deem innocent.  ONLY in a red state filled with less educated people would the FEDS have a chance of convicting.. STILL red state Tea Partiers are leaning toward supporting Snowden.  The trial would be a NIGHTMARE...

    This email is to encourage the United Nations and Iceland to "cut a deal" with Mr. Snowden and the American government.  Let him live peacefully in Iceland as long as he volunteers to share all that he
    shared with the FBI & promises to NOT leak anymore.  Maybe he can wait until the new leader James Comey is in-charge.  I've talked to several people linked to the IC community and there is no solution.  The gridlock on what to do with him is mind numbing.  When the United Nations spoke out in favor of Asylum rights it showed the non bias nature and that is why i think the UN can be the middleman America needs.

    Keeping Snowden with Putin seems to be "not working out" and as I mentioned earlier his life is in danger in South and Central America.   

    Bottom-line: Knowing the people in Iceland are educated and have high moral standards this is a win-win.  

    I know that some of my right wing friends want to see Snowden burn at the stake but it would only make him a martyr and it would hurt future democracies.  Sometimes looking at the big picture is the only way to solve a problem. The people that reached out to me believe that a 'divine intervention' needs to happen.
    That is why this email.

    FYI- I'm soft on Snowden because I too fear for my life living as a Whistleblower in America.  

    Last night a LOT of people read this blog post

  1. After I saw recent webstats for a blog post that's months old I texted the below to a friend: FYI- My child has watched me get bullied for over 4 years by people connected to the CIA and I'm terrified that I will be killed. A lot of mysterious deaths in America are all linked to the "global good ole boy network. Former French President Sarkozy is a member.   Carlos Ghosn of Renault accused 3 men of spying and I'm the person that fought for their vindication. The French let an internal investigation happen.  NISSAN in the USA has had some deaths at the Smyrna Plant.  I was told that one of them was a murder BUT nobody seems to be investigating.  I learned that in France at at least 1 Renault Suicide was a murder. To make it "creepier" when Renault had press statement about the suicides that did NOT happen in reference to the 3 men that were accused of being spies in 2011... the Renault Staffer whose now the Chief of Staff for Carlos Ghosn is Frederique LeGraves and she was one of my former clients.   

    Also I have it on record that I was informed that Strauss Kahn was "framed" - I have a valid reason to fear for my life.. Also I learned that in Vienna Gaddafi's former Oil minister was whacked BEFORE Sarkozy lost his presidency. That was done as "housekeeping"... That said... Edward Snowden is NOT safe in France.

    Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn - Note to NISSAN Board

    Jan 18, 2012 - Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn ... I (Sharyn Bovat) could not be silent after seeing a French foreign minister make accusations against the Chinese ...

    Google "Stephen Preston CIA"  He's the top lawyer and you'll see my picture.  Maybe the people in Iceland will take me too?   

    1. Stephen W. Preston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Stephen W. Preston is a United States lawyer who served as General Counsel of ...nominated Preston as General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency.
    Still I know that I'm alive today because most of the American Intelligence community are good ethical people that believe in humanity. It's a small percentage are linked to a global "Good Ole Boy" network that has used bullying, discrimination and retaliation as a weapon to get power and money.  They don't represent the American people - they represent the what needs to be changed.  For that to happen America needs to heal and that starts with Edward Snowden getting Asylum in a country that RESPECTS All people.

    Thank you for reading,

    Sharyn Bovat

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