Tuesday, February 25, 2014

***CLARIFICATION*** James Comey Tell the FBI We Have BREAKING NEWS Finally We Know 100% that Kline Preston is NOT Related to DOD Top Lawyer Stephen Preston... Why Would He NOT Sign the Affidavit? Guess He's Linked to CIA... Lets Hope the Feds are Investigating the Lawyer that LIED!!!! Had a Good Day at Georgetown Law School.... Met some Great Whistleblower Lawyers... Caught a Debate Between Mark Zaid (Lockerbie Bombing Lawyer) and Jesselyn Radack (Snowden Lawyer) on Tape.... At the End of the Day John Kiriakou Was RAILROADED....

Looks like were slowly getting the TRUTH...a lot of weird things have happened to me.... Just a few months ago an operative for Mossad linked to Sheldon Adelson talked to me for a long time and I thought we were having a nice conversation until he yelled at me when I would not say who was "funding" me.  Recently I've been told that I've been slandered on Google maliciously by people linked &/or in the CIA learning that some sort of "web crawler" makes the word "crazy" appear after my name... People want me discredited.  

I want the FBI to investigate because it's a form of CYBER bullying and "if" it can be linked to NISSAN a company that hires former CIA and was mad at me for whistleblowting then I hopefully will see "criminal conspiracy" charges against those that have destroyed my life and have harmed the quality of life of my child.  I can prove that Baker Donelson either "believed" 
NISSAN lies or they were part of the conspiracy.  The fact is I'm NOT crazy and I've documented all the abuse and someday I hope the people that did this to me are prosecuted because they not only harmed me- AGAIN they harmed my child.  I actually told Stepehn Preston last night when he confirmed he was NOT related to Kline Preston... Thank you and that it made me feel better about America ... Still the DOD IGO and the CIA IGO know that ALL I wanted to know was "is he related to Kline Preston and they knew that by NOT answering the question I kept asking it... Since he's NOT the brother of Kline then... WHY did they not tell me... Did they want me to have "false" information on my blogs just so people would discount the contents? Mark Silverman the former Ben Bradlee winner for Gannett told me that 85-90% of the contents of my blog were accurate... Now we know "what" part of the 10% is...

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