Thursday, February 6, 2014

James Comey (FBI), Stephen Preston (DOD), Michael Vickers (ODNI), & James Clapper I Want to Let You Know I Sometimes Make Jokes... I Hope This One Was NOT Taken Seriously... I Will Apologize if Needed...

I really do have people come up and talk to me and I can tell "if" their with an agency.  When it's an FBI linked person their polite, very serious and have boring cover stories, the CIA guys tend to wear jewelry & "slither"....  except for this one kid... he was cute... I told him at the ABA National Security Law conference I saw at least 3 foreign operatives in the room.... which was not a lie... I met people at lunch from Canada, New Zealand and one from the Japanese Embassy.   Anyway - once I figure out that their befriending me with "false" intentions... sometimes I "have fun".... What I'm serious about are issues on this blog. I'm serious that I've been abused and I'm serious about wanting resolution.  I'm tired of living like a Betta Fish... & sometimes your "scouts" give me more intel then I give them.  One guy questioned me about Michael Vickers and the Egyptian Coup.. then he gave me EXTRA intel.... just to try to have me give him more...   Thank you for reading.

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