Monday, December 9, 2013

Many at NISSAN Think Peugeot is Lucky to Have Carlos Tavares: NISSAN Executives KNOW Carlos Ghosn Had 3 men at Renault FRAMED as Spies in 2011 & it Was Me Who Led to the Vindication.... Also Did ANYONE See the Picture I Tweeted with the Tesla That Stopped on a Busy Road.... It Scared Me.

This link got a LOT of views... I know people from Peugeot are reading about me: I also know that "what" I say about the NISSAN CEO is true.  He really is linked to Ex CIA that did drug trafficking. Also i know from my source that the 3 men Carlos Ghosn accused of being spies were innocent in the beginning.  It's sad that those men got vindicated and I'm still FIGHTING for my reputation. Good News!!!  People know I told the truth.  NOW it's time for the FEDS to ask NISSAN for an AUDIT on how they spent the 1.4 Billion.  I hear a LOT of that money is in "off shore" accounts and I think it should go back to the American taxpayers.

Also can someone at Tesla call me?

I want to talk to you about your EV in the snow.  Maybe it should be a mild climate car?  

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