Tuesday, December 10, 2013

***UPDATE**** James Clapper, Michael Vickers,Stephen Preston & Chuck Hagel I'm Submitting my Application to Tour Gitmo & Just Got an "it's OK" for the Bio NOW I Need to Choose A Head Shot & I'm Totally Confused... FYI- Carlos Ghosn & Carlos Tavares I Mention NISSAN and My DOD Whistle-blowing Too.....

Update  - Selected Photo

Below is the requested profile  

Personal Profile

Organisation Name:  Voice of a Moderate

Name: Sharyn Bovat
Gender: Female
Citizenship: USA
Place of Birth: Oakland, California

Professional & Personal Biography:  
Sharyn Bovat  (me) was raised by an IC family that served America covertly & for decades interacted with prominent political leaders-a Pentagon staffer told me my life is no longer classified, although my grandfather’s still is (he was a triple dipper DOD lawyer linked to President John Kennedy’s CIA Director John McCone and Henry Kissinger). Sharyn (me) was the last of 3 generations that quietly fought for the issues America represented and that's Freedom and Democracy. In the 80’s I did research that was directly ordered by the Reagans (Nancy). In 1992 President Ford had tacos with me & was given the opportunity to ask him questions (except NOT about the Kennedy thing) that meeting cemented my ethical foundation that instilled my purpose today & that’s Love of County & Respect for ALL People. 

In 2009 while working with their highest level executives in the relocation field the automaker NISSAN cyberly "outed" me as a former researcher for CIA operatives: They did this after I whistle blew about billions of dollars that a foreign company was taking to build a car that they did not have the technology to produce & they were hiring American scientist to create technology that they will share with Russia & Iran.  DOD sources communicated to me that “what” NISSAN was doing was illegal - car parts are used in weapons systems.  For 4 years I’ve communicated issues & educated viewers on the complexity & cross sharing of tech with auto and weapons. 

Current member of the Republican National Lawyers Association: Attends forums at AEI-Cato-Brookings & for the last two years attended the Review in the Field for National Security Law. I have also assisted organisations in various states who seeking voting rights that support the rights of our troops. My assistance was/is website creation & social media education.

Media Organisation Quick Glance:

Voice of a Moderate & Sharyn Bovat (me) has been credentialed at numerous political & national security related events & has participated in Press conferences w/presidential candidates: Prior to becoming an analyst/blogger due to my IC DNA Sharyn for decades was considered a “3rd party reliable source” used for stories in reference to National Security issues. I’ve been to off the record and on the record forums & have respected the boundaries 

My most recent accomplishment was using social media & networking to educated congressional staffers and the mainstream media on the National Security issues that concerned (a DIA source) “if” the USA allowed Russia to place GPS monitoring stations on US soil & the need for America to monitor the driverless technology scientific breakthroughs done by foreign companies with US scientist/programers. 


My reporting will focus on the opportunities for the facility in “repurposing” the intent is to communicate the need to keep an American facility at Guantanamo: It’s been suggested at making the base a “Strategic Peace Center”  used for training, conferences & a facility for PTSD research & rehabilitation.

FYI-I was around those in the early 90‘s that did the SF Presidio transition.  During the Cold War while on a research trip to the USSR with the soul purpose showing young women my age pictures of Cosmopolitan magazines to see “what” would motivate them to want a democracy I was detained by the KGB for 1 1/2 day. Those that detained me were humane (although I was terrified), when I came home I communicated that to the people that wanted me to take the trip. A few years later I met former KGB (connected to Gorbachev) at an oyster bar in San Francisco we did vodka shots and discussed peace.  

Many stories that are told about Guantanamo focus on the negative I want to educate my readers about opportunities for the future at Guantanamo Bay.
Which may include keeping a section to use as a “halfway house” until an alternative location is selected for non convicted detainees whose lives would be in danger if they went home.

I’m also interested in learning more about the efforts of those at Gitmo who are “saving the Manatee” a partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium could be a possibility.  Maybe funding from HP? 

Sharyn Bovat has never visited Guantanamo Bay 

The only equipment I will bring is a Macbook Air, iPhone, camera (if possible) iPad mini, pens, pencils and notebooks. 

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