Friday, November 8, 2013

James Comey Tell The FBI I've Tweaked Reagan's Quote to "Peace Through Twitter"...... It's Time IRAN Played by the Rules of Society... Tell Brennan That Goes for The CIA Too!!!!



As a low level participant in the Lockerbie Bombing cover up "what" I'm watching NOW is a BIGGER figurative plane crash…There are so many potential whistleblowers in DC & I actually understand WHY Stephen Preston made sure that Kiriakou was "railroaded"  still it's un-American    What's happening in DC is beyond scary!!!   

Here's the point:   

America needs to protect the Nation from terrorist nations getting technology used in weapons systems and this man told me

that processes need to be put in place so "if" stupid or corrupt people run the country then bad things won't happen. 

I learned that CODEPINK is part of a summit on drones. That lady might dress like a Mary Kay rep. BUT she has some valid points and a MAJORITY of America will agree with her once the next scandal emerges:  America cannot afford ANYMORE scandal-were already at Vietnam Era levels of world hate…   FYI  I was told that the drone program should be run by the DOD because they follow a HIGHER code of ethics.   Why is the program STILL with the CIA?


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