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Buck Revell I Need You to Fess Up About Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up & For Rhori Johnston to Report News That Matters to Society - Gannett & the Tennessean Won't: - Because I've Been "Megrahied" in Tennessee the MOST Corrupt & Violent State in America. I Have to Apply to Tennessee Supreme Court and Chief Justice Gary Wade Whose "Friends of the Governor" The Haslams Have Taken LOTS of Taxpayer Money & Jim Haslam is On Record of Being Good Longtime Friends of Howard Baker of Baker Donelson Who Know Sharyn's Family Members... (80's Reagan Stuff) the Bullying of the Whistleblower is BAD and REAL .... NISSAN Abuses "Normal People" & the CEO Carlos Ghosn Has Terrorized Too Many in TN. Sharyn Told "at least 1" of the NISSAN Smyrna Deaths is MURDER & the State Won't Investigate. Sharyn Bovat Believes Justice is Elusive in Tennessee. NOW Another Tennessee Whistleblower Emerging... This Blog Post Will Show Sharyn is CREDIBLE...& Linked to Renault Spy Scandal

Begin forwarded message:

FBI & DOD IGO This man is  Davis Hunt - He said in the 00's he worked with Karl Rove people in North Carolina & paid by GOP org. this was for about 10 years before moving to Tennessee. Now he's in the Aviation industry and Private equity & NTSB "contract" investigator -the NTSB thing is "odd" anyway he KNEW I was helping vindicate the 3 men at Renault accused of being spies.  & he told me about ISI stuff - he should up at Starbucks at lot for a while & I even told Silverman about him - Davis Hunt is a nice guy & when I talked about the Lockerbie "cover up" he did NOT blink.   Neither did some others and ONE top National Security lawyer confirmed it. Seems like Buck Revell can "vindicate" me.  Since I'm having trouble in the Tennessee courts I wish he'd speak up.  He will know about the TWA flight 800 cover up too. I told Mr. Revell I would take my blog post down "if" they were wrong and to have him email me or send me a letter to PO Box 3631 saying "what I blog" is wrong.  Silverman says I'm only 90% right.  What's the 10% anyone speak up? 

The fact is the NISSAN CEO is linked to CIA drug trafficking LOCKERBIE Bekaa Valley?  & was framing 3 men in France to "take the hit" for the failed EV what's SCARY is he had connections to "set up" false bank accounts- had I NOT been told about them by a "Blackwater" source that the framing had not being "complete" the men would have lost their jobs-reputations-etc.  Just like me… I want NISSAN to mediate with me just like the Renault 3. I don't even care about money I want to be able to get a job and my own health insurance.   SERIOUSLY!!!!   So someone call me and I can explain any of the issues:  615-944-7599….

Do I have to PROVE the Tennessee Governor is linked to the hijacking of the Presidency in 1980/81?  OMG!!! The GOP does not need all this exposed. IRAN up until recently sold oil via Vitol Energy.   Google Mike Loya the President of Loya and do an image search-Mitt and Tagg Romney have Iranian profiteered I was told they BROKE THE LAW.   if that's not true someone should have told me months later still silence but my computer was hacked and mossad follow me.  Yippie!   

You'll see that I told this to Davis and he did email me several times…example below:   

This man would not have done that HAD I been a "loon" he even wanted to go to HOT YOGA with me.  So why would an attractive man in his late 30's who lives in a million dollar home want to do "downward dog" (yoga position) with me?  Why would a man whose former HCA physical fitness guru linked to Oprah & was ranked a few years ago as one of Nashville's HOTTEST men ask me out?   OMG!!!  I'm cute but not "that" cute:):)  The Oprah guy still calls me to "keep in touch"….   These people were either "checking me out" SPYING on me or wanted to help me. I think BOTh wanted to help me.   Anyway a black man that has been abused in the Tennessee courts and framed for drugs is sending me PROOF the Judges are corrupt & linked to Governor Haslam: I promised him I would take it to the Black Caucus:  Maybe Eric Holder will investigate?

Do YOU people realize HOW weird this is?  

Begin forwarded message:

From: Davis Hunt <*************>

Subject: News About Renault
Date: March 16, 2011 11:00:18 AM CDT


Hope you're doing well. Haven't crossed paths with you lately, but was reading the Wall Street Journal online this morning and saw this story. Just thought I'd pass it along in case you hadn't seen it.

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Hey Rhori - 
Your gonna learn your RIGHT about JFK?

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  1. President Kennedy was killed by the driver of his car, his name was William Greer...