Monday, October 21, 2013

James Comey of the FBI - I Sent This to Memphis FBI and the DOD IGO - Along with the United Nations.I smell RICO!!!! Lets Put a Bunch of Good Ole Boys in Orange Jumpsuits... It Starts with an Investigation Into the Bullying of the DOD Whistleblower... Pretty Please?

On Oct 21, 2013, at 9:06 PM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

This email includes post codes of ALL viewers of my blog on "just" July 7th 2010 the day of the 1st arrest: and for each day until after the 2nd arrest -  I have the time of the 3rd arrest "locked up" in a safe place… My computer was hacked "most likely" because people wanted the evidence of me being railroaded GONE.. So I stored hard copies in various locations and if I get killed people can ask questions…… Do YOU know how horrible it is that I have to be paranoid about being killed? The sad fact is I know others that were killed by people linked to this "good ole boy" network. I have names of others that have been bullied by the same people in TN that harassed me.

FEDS- I have an Apple computer that needs to be looked at by you or an international investigator.  I want to know HOW they scrubbed my hard drive. WHO wants to look at it?  I could have had Apple get me a new one BUT I want investigations. So I opted to pay for  another computer: I'm shocked the FBI has NOT already asked for it.   Is anyone interested?  

Tennessee is 1 of 4 states that people can swear our warrants and it's VERY easy to frame (railroad) someone in Tennessee - Can the United Nations issue travel warnings?  Seriously - like the State Dept. 

Baker Donelson read my blog the day I was arrested (actually "each day" yet they sent my ex lawyer for the malicious prosecution a letter asking for an extension to respond to the lawsuit because the case was NEW to them….That was in summer 2012?  they read my blog in 2009-2010.  LOTS of companies that got grants read my blog & Solyndra Too….  Solyndra read my blog EACH day I was arrested and 1142 Visitors from that "1" company.  

I know that a crime was committed & a whistleblower was bullied…. Does anyone care?
Also it looks like Bill Lacy "might have" read it.   Also the Tennessean read my blog.

I don't want to make "false" allegations.... so if I''m wrong someone let me know....

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I smell RICO

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