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Howard Baker How Come YOU Were NOT at the Church Committee Reunion Sponsored By the Georgetown Law Center on National Security? Gary Hart, Walter Mondale, Senator Patrick Leahy, Loch Johnson & William Miller Were There?

The NISSAN CEO's Brazilian dad was part of Operation Condor.... I do NOT think people are responsible for the actions of their relatives BUT I believe the are responsible for their OWN actions.  Carlos Ghosn should NOT be persecuted for Condor- he should be investigated for CIA backed drug trafficking and for encouraging his American executives to commit TREASON.  Carlos Ghosn should be FORCED to tell congress the "role of Hezbollah and Iran in the Lockerbie Bombing"  He should be forced to tell congress "how he's connected to HOWARD BAKER" .... Tennessee is #1 in corruption and the problems in the south go back GENERATIONS!!!!!

Anyway at the Church Committee reunion was "interesting" it seems like Howard Baker was the "spy" for the people that were being investigated.  Senator Leahy called the people I was raised by the "secretive group that's unaccountable for their actions that CONTROLS society"  How could the committee succeed with HOWARD BAKER on the committee?    

The people I was connected to during my childhood HATED the Church Committee- it's the fault of the the Church Committee that I "swear" today.  It's because in the mid/late 70's during my formative "pre teen" years people that were being targeted by the Church committee were mad...  

It was operatives linked to the Tea Party Express Sal Russo that did a LOT of sleazy stuff back in that day: 
Former US Senator Gary Hart was a victim of the discredit them "at any cost" campaign. vowed to destroy those on the committee.  NOW I know how it got leaked in the 70's and they were able to marginalize the findings.

Years later in the 90's when Haley Barbour was put in charge of the RNC I was used as a tool to dig for intel: after Clinton became elected  I was asked to "troll for tattle tales"  basically find women that would tell stories  Clinton". I did not do it - basically because people in the MIC thought it was too sleazy  It/they scared me.

It's embarrassing to admit but was told that I have to say things before other do: It's a way to "control the story" so I had to publicly admit that I did some stupid things in the 80's that could be fodder for the right wing because people linked to Howard Baker's knew. To play offense I put stuff on court documents: The Baker Donelson lawyer obviously did not know why I put my past exploits on court documents - or maybe she did?  Baker Donelson even brought it up in their documents. I have copies.  This is another way they tried to discredit me and I put it in writing…forcing them to "put it in writing"  

Since 2009 I was slandered by a "whisper campaign" in Williamson County - I knew exactly what they were doing. It was still painful to be a victim.  They told people I was gay. What was really upsetting was HOW I was treated by society by people that believed that to be true. 

The Good Ole Boys did this a vicious character assassination to someone that helped "perfect" the art of the whisper campaign. People in the CIA taught me HOW to do them.  I KNEW what they were doing to me the ENTIRE time.  I documented the bullying too and have an email that I sent to Bill Krueger telling him "I knew what NISSAN was doing to me"   

My grandfather always said ONLY the people that know how a problem was created can fix the problem.  Damn he was smart.   

That is why on court documents I put that I had "California Values" and reported the bullying they did to me for that.    This story is to show HOW low they go:

OMG!!! in the 80's when southern congressmen would come to California they wanted to try out the "west coast " lifestyle.  CA was like America's Amsterdam: Some back them wanted 3'somes. YES!!! These southern baptist right wingers can be sexually devient PIGS  - The "elite" thought It was too dangerous to have an congressional ally caught in a compromising position so some liaisons for the "curious in congress"  were "fixed"   It was clinical & weird I was "just an extra" who did nothing but touch my breast and moan... the blonde did all the work - I was a boring bimbo. My memories during that time are "slightly" fuzzy I was doing casual cocaine use - so were the politicians we were supporting the CONTRAS.... Buying coke in the 80's was just like buying a box of girl scout cookies - it was good for society. That's what Sal Russo's people told me.  

Later I learned that I was a reason WHY Nancy Reagan wanted stop drug use.  Evidently the "Just Say No" campaign was inspired by people like me. I learned that in 1988 during a luncheon in New Orleans at the RNC convention.

To the people linked to Dean Lesher, World Airways & the GOP that got me "clean" THANK YOU!!!

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More Memories:

Arianna Huffington's husband was a target- it was determined they needed a "boy" to bring him a Sal Russo operative.  In 1992 I got to meet Arianna Huffington ( ok i didn't really meet her I was just monitoring her).  One time we were in the hotels banquet kitchen she was being briefed on the crowd & she murmured "what" she really thought about Russo-then i knew the woman w/a euro accent was SMART!
In 1993 after the Clinton Jennifer Flowers scandal  I attended a Republican Governors Conference at the Deer Valley lodge and the Governor of Alabama (Hunt) asked me if I was on the special "hospitality" committee.  I said no. The person that got me to the conference (I later learned was a Karl Rove operative) was VERY straight laced - she flipped out when I told her  the Governor of North Carolina Martin was rubbing the inside of my leg the entire dinner.  

It was the Rove person that got mad at me at a CRP convention in Anaheim after I told her I enjoyed time in Tom McClintock's room (he's now a member of congress & one of Sal Russo's followers).

The California Governor Recall was a Sal Russo "mission" to give McClintock the governorship.. I got a call in 2003 asking me "if" i'd publicly speak out about McClintock and that would keep a story that "could break" about Arnold silent. A few years ago I blogged about McClintock and shortly after the illegitimate child story by the former California Governor broke…. coincidence?   

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