Friday, October 4, 2013

DOD Whistleblower Tells NISSAN VP Fred Diaz She's Terrified of Red Titan Trucks & ALL Truck After People Profiting From Iran Linked to Reagan Era Post Iran Contra Profiteer Howard Baker & the HASLAM Family. Tennessee NEEDS to Put Front Plates on ALL Cars and Trucks. Fred Diaz YOU Can Lead the Effort?

I've asked the FBI to Investigate into the bullying I received for whistleblower against NISSAN and in Tennessee.  Maybe we can put some of your colleagues in JAIL.....  they committed TREASON.

To show how bad the bullying was to Sharyn and her daughter: 

While driving to a figure skating competition in 2011 I was severely bullied by trucks on the road .  I was driving from Franklin to Carmel Indiana.   During that time I had death threats and was TERRIFIED- My daughter drove with her coach Laura Sanders and some other skaters during that time driving with my daughter made me nervous and Laura Sanders knew and kindly helped by driving my child:  .Previously NISSAN Titan truck followed me "way to closely"  and my child was in the car.  I could NOT get the plate # because in Tennessee front plates are not required.  I learned from others that those in the Good Ole Boy network terrorize others in the same way.   The drive to Carmel was terrifying… I did NOT have NISSAN Titan trucks folioing me I had BIG SEMI's and they would surround me and cut in front of me.  Earlier I learned someone from the Florida Trucking Industry was investigating me and I told that to Mark Silverman - At that time It was assumed to be Governor Haslam link.  Anyway…. I ended up driving on the right lane about 40 miles per hour crying and it took me 10 hours to get there and arrived about 1am.  

Laura Sanders and the other skaters will remember because I had about 6 Zuca bags with their skates and they feared they would not be able to compete or do practice ice without there skates.. Laura was mad at me for being so late… she'll remember.  I've got MORE horror stories too & people KNOW this really happened. I will take a lie detector test to - anything to expose what has happened - happened. 

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