Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Carlos Ghosn & Carlos Tavares the DOD Whistleblower Finds Happiness at CVS..... For The First Time in Over 4 Years After Being Bullied for Whistle-blowing Her Blood Pressure is FINALLY Normal.... Thank You Jesus!!!!

Whistleblower FACT Check:
NISSAN discriminated... internal statistics show women in management were 20.9% in 2006 and 10% in 2009 the year Sharyn Bovat whistle blew.
NISSAN “really did” take 1.4 billion DOE dollars for car that they knew would fail. A NISSAN executives communicated to the whistleblower that NISSAN could not pay all their debt. NISSAN used a 2 Billion Dollar IDB bond (backed by the American taxpayers for the collateral. How did it get approved? 
NISSAN has almost 4 billion in Rutherford County IDB bond debt: insiders at the company know their working for a figurative “Greece”. Bovat testified at the Tennessee state capital COJ hearing that NISSAN employees told her of problems because they did not like seeing their company commit fraud against America. They know the operating margins. The DOE loan & IDB bond money will never be paid back.
NISSAN does Business with IRAN. Why did the DOE loan 1.4 Billion using the Treasury Bank to a company that has an “alliance” with a country that wants to kill American- How did this happen.
NISSAN Car parts are used in weapons systems: NISSAN is in a partnership with Putin and Autovaz and Carlos Ghosn has said NISSAN will share technology with the Russian company.   NISSAN opened a technology center is and hiring American scientist and engineers using American taxpayer money: the American innovations & technology breakthroughs paid for by the taxpayers will be easily shared with America's enemies - Iran.  
Sharyn Bovat has offered to take a lie detector test to show that YES!!!!  She was told on the Executive Floor at NISSAN North America "at NISSAN skirts don't speak"....   YES!!!! She was told that "they" did not want the opinions of women.  Then another executive told her they don't want blacks in management and the black guy that was a Director "acted white" look at the NISSAN North American leadership (last month- ALL White)

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