Sunday, September 15, 2013

If Sharyn Bovat Can't Find a Job She'll Do What She Did NOT Do Earlier and That's Sell the Rights to Her Story... She Did NOT Do That Because She Told Her Mom She Would NOT Embarrass Her By Portraying Her as a Crazed NeoCon... The Fact is She Was a NeoLiberal and Her Mom Has Alzheimer's and Won't Know.... Sharyn Just Emailed Mark Silverman With HOW She Wants it Done. She'll Contact a Publicist That Reached Out to Her Tomorrow. It Looks Like for the Lockerbie Truth to Be Exposed and for Iran to Take Responsibility for the Lockerbie Bombing (the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103) and for Iran Profiteers That Include Mitt Romney, Tagg Romney, Jimmy Haslam Bill Haslam, Mike Loya of Vitol and NISSAN - For Them to Act Ethically They Need to Be Embarrassed Into Acting Ethically and This May Be the Way to Do It....Also It's Time for PEACE with Iran and I Was Told That Since the New President NOW Knows He Can't Sell Iranian Oil to Vitol Anymore He'll Have to Make Concessions on the Nuclear Stuff. It I Were Frank Duggan I'd Get the Lockerbie Families to Send a Letter to Iran Asking to Dismantle the Nuclear Weapon Program Out of RESPECT for THe Loss of Their Loved Ones. Frank Duggan ...Can YOU Do That?

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