Friday, September 6, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Jon Brancheau, Fred Diaz and Erich Marx - The Issues I Blog About Are BIGGER Than About Carlos Tavares Getting Screwed By The Renault & NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn. It's About America & WHO Gets Taxpayer Money & Why Was the Federal Financing Bank Used. It's About Carlos Ghosn and His Business Partners (Iran and Putin) It's About American Technology Getting Into the Hand of Our Enemy. My Viral Fight is About Humanity and Whats Acceptable. Carlos Ghosn is Aligned with IRAN and The United Nations & The United States Should INSIST on Pressure on Putin & NO MORE Tax Credits for Cars Made By Companies That Fuel Our Enemies...


Carlos Ghosn's executives had me jailed when I spoke up.
Oddly I've made allegations against  "this guy" & I'm not in jail.

huh...  Carlos Ghosn is NOT acting in the best interest of America....

"I was present in the meeting where the UK laid down the resolution, and everything in that meeting, in word and in body language, suggests that that resolution has no prospect of being adopted, by Russia in particular,"  Samantha Powers US Ambassador to the United Nations in Reuters article click here to read

This is a No win situation.  It's time to get the United Nations to "do their job" and if Russia won't be a team player in INSISTING on retaliation against chemical weapons then America needs to strongly consider a "trade embargo" against Russia.  Lets put the pressure on Putin.

Look at the poll....

The graphic: Steve Benen at Maddow Blog breaking down the numbers from the Pew survey according to political affiliation or leaning.  


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