Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello New FBI Leader James Comey: Ready for Work Tomorrow? PLEASE Investigate NISSAN...Carlos Ghosn's People Keep Saying Sharyn Bovat is "Dreaming" & That is NOT Correct. Carlos Tavares KNEW That I Told Ed Gillespie About Dept. of Energy Fraud. Still for David Reuter to Tell People the Whistleblower is CRAZY is Call "Slander"... I Want My Reputation Back!!! I Can Prove the NISSAN Fraud is REAL!!!!

NISSAN Does business with IRAN... they committed fraud and they DISCRIMINATE!!!!

  1. Maybe ALL this is a DREAM?

Maybe my friendship with Mark Silverman the 2010 Ben Bradlee award winner ... a DREAM?

Maybe I dreamed that Gannett's Ben Bradlee winner "proofed" brochures that I sent to members of congress saying IRAN was ALSO responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing?

Maybe I had a dream that I did the relocation of Carlo Tavares and was close to high level NISSAN executives?

Maybe I dreamed I was jailed 3 times? 
Maybe I Dreamed that NISSAN executives "dodged" subpeonas?

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