Thursday, September 5, 2013

Carlos Tavares: My Viewers That Have NISSAN on Their Resume are Sad. Carlos Ghosn Was Scared of You Seems to Be the Reality. YOU Were the ONLY Person Mentally Capable to Keep the Renault NISSAN Alliance Together. Is That True? A Company Can NOT Be Dependent on JUST "1" Leader. It's a Bad Business Model.

Tavares was seen as the obvious candidate to handle the dual role. He was Ghosn's top lieutenant at Renault and prior to that he was the head of Nissan's North American operations.
"There are fewer and fewer people who have worked at Nissan and Renault like Tavares did," ... "....He (Gaetan Toulemonde, an analyst for Deutsche Bank) said the main reason for creating the new management structure was to give Ghosn more autonomy and more control..."

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