Friday, September 6, 2013

Carlos Ghosn YOU Lead Two Brands NISSAN and Renault & So Shall the Whistleblower.... I'm Whistle-blowing Against the Future DOD Top Lawyer Stephen Preston BEFORE He Gets His Job... Weird? Since John Kiriakou and Susan Lindauer Have the CIA Whistleblower Title and Edward Snowden is the NSA Whistleblower Whose Also Considered a CIA Whistleblower I've Decided to Take on the DOD Whistleblower Title. This Gives Sharyn Bovat Autonomy From the Others. It's Also TRUE Since Michael Vickers of the DOD is Someone Connected to the Saga of the NISSAN Whistleblower. Why is NISSAN Not Giving Sharyn Her Reputation Back? Ya'll Know YOU Abused Me.... Why?

Look too many CIA whistleblowers....  Sharyn Bovat wants Autonomy.

Guess I could be the Tennessee Whistleblower?

Google James Clapper.... wow!!!

Maybe the Romney Whistleblower

Personally I'd rather have my life back....

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