Monday, September 16, 2013

Carlos Ghosn I Submitted a Request to the DOD Inspector General... Maybe They'll Do a Better Job Then THe French Did in the Renault Spy Scandal? It's NOT Easy Being A Whistleblower Whose Got MULTIPLE Things to Toot About.... The DOD Whistleblower Wants NISSAN To STOP Sharing Technology With Russia and Iran & For Companies That Support Iran to STOP Getting Taxpayer Money. Seems LOGICAL!!!!

"By saying no to war, Obama gets out of a sticky mess, rebrands the USA as peaceful at the same time as things are winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now is working well with the Iranians, who are our real concern.........Finally, Obama gets on the right side of history in regard Muslim fundamentalism.  Until the USA funded Al Qaeda back in the 1980s, Muslim fundamentalism was largely a Russian problem. Since 2001, it has been a Western problem.  The US has been stuck between trying to fight fundamentalism while our ostensible allies (e.g. Gulf countries, Pakistan) are the source of much of the money, people and intellectual heft that feeds the Sunni fundamentalists.   It also makes it easy for the Iranians to cast the USA as a threat to Shia Islam.  Now we step away, and can “reset” the relationships.... “Losing” in Syria looks a lot like a big “win” for Obama.    Sometimes in chess, the best thing is to sacrifice your Queen, and checkmate the next move."

The Queen-Sacrifice Play: Obama, Putin, and the Chess Metaphor

The Atlantic-1 hour ago
The Queen-Sacrifice Play: Obama, Putin, and the Chess Metaphor ... chess game for world opinion (not just within-US sentiment) about Syria.

Maybe the 9-11 Terrorist Attack was partly to help Russia?  Click Here to read a theory

Below is from Kline Preston - who said he was related to Stephen Preston the nominee for President Obama to lead the DOD. Sharyn Bovat is trying to stop his confirmation.  Last night she sent official complaint to the DOD & she said that people at NISSAN connected to Carlos Ghosn terrorized her for whistle-blowing   
Bovat sent a request to the DOD about this in December 2012 & it was NEVER responded to. 

Maybe the 9-11 Terrorist Attack was partly to help Russia?  Click Here to read a theory

Reid Weingarten.... Something New to Chew On - Haslam Family ...

Jun 18, 2013 - Reid Weingarten.... Something New to Chew On:):) Pilot Flying J Board-member Linked to Putin's Russian Oil Profiteering- THAT is Possible ...

Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam Pilot

Jun 6, 2013 - Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam Pilot Flying J Story Silent. The Link is Oil Sales and an Oligarch. Bill and Jimmy ...

Reid Weingarten -Hungry? Here's MORE to Chew On.

Aug 1, 2013 - Wonder if That's HOW Reid Weingarten Got to Be the Companies ...Rational for Boston Bombing to Be Orchrastrated By Sleazy Russian Mafia ...

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