Sunday, September 8, 2013

Carlos Ghosn Could Lose an Ally "if" Jimmy Haslam Goes? The NFL Already Has "Back Up" Owners for the Cleveland Browns... Huh... Maybe Carlos Ghosn and Jimmy Haslam Can Be Bunkmates in Jail... That WIll Never Happen. Ghosn Will Just Move to a Country That Won't Extradite him... Is Putin Gonna Protect Carlos Ghosn From Answering Questions About the Lockerbie Bombing & Dept. Of Energy Fraud?

"...Sources told La Canfora it is an extremely remote possibility that Haslam would be in a position whereby the NFL would prompt him to divest himself from the Browns entirely. But if that happens, sources told La Canfora, that the league has identified potential owners who might be able to assume control of the club in an expeditious manner...." article

The NFL "has" to replace Jimmy Haslam ONCE it's exposed that he does business with IRAN.... oops so does NISSAN.  That makes no sense...

Because I love America and support our troops I fight for "whats" morally right. & that is why I'm in DC this week.

NISSAN FYI- the "tide is turning" and you can keep paying Baker Donelson to discredit me BUT eventually the best lawyers in Tennessee are NOT going to get you out of "this mess" I've got FACTS on my side.  

The fact is eventually the truth will come out and that's that YOU (NISSAN) Abused me & worse YOU do business with a terrorist nation.  

What woman would buy a car from a company that bullies a whistleblower who simply LOVES America?

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