Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aston Martin is a "Fit" for Carlos Tavares:Whistleblower Told It Was NOT GM or Ford- That Was Diversion. Source Then Said Daimler and Chrysler. Guess Sergio Marchionne Might Lose Out To The British Automaker - The Racing Community Can't Wait to See WHAT Carlos Tavares Can Do "On the Track"... Sharyn Bovat is NOT Into Racing... I Just Hear That Those in the Motorsports World Think Carlos Ghosn Won't Be Able to Beat a Car with an Engine That Tavares Approved. Maybe THAT Sense of Competition WIll Be Just What the Racing Industry Needs. In Formula 1 the Combo of Carlos Tavares & Aston Martin Could Become the Next Sports DYNASTY!!!

below article translated in english

Carlos Tavares, soon with Aston Martin?

The former number two of Renault , Carlos Tavares, away from the brand to the diamond end of August , according to some sources could take control of Aston Martin .

All the news in picture At Renault, the Frankfurt Motor Show was of course the opportunity to present new products , including the initial concept for Paris , but also to reverse the eviction there are just 15 days of his ( now ex -) number two Carlos Tavares . According to the president of the Renault- Nissan , Carlos Ghosn, the latter had shown reckless mid-August by displaying its ambitions to "take the lead of other automotive group ." He then talked about General Motors.

But these statements do not they hiding something? And if it was finally Aston Martin he had in mind ? In any case the assertions American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal.
More symbolic role Ulrich Bez

According to the newspaper , Carlos Tavares included as an effect on the "short list" ( short list ) inside Aston Martin to succeed the current CEO , Ulrich Bez , aged 69 . The latter , however , in office since 2000 after officiating at BMW or Porsche , do not leave the brand overnight and retain the chairmanship of the board. If other names also appear on the list, none has yet filtered.

Still, if the gap between philosophy and Aston Martin Renault is huge, the arrival of Carlos Tavares could be very beneficial for the British .
Bridging the technology gap

During his years of service to the brand Diamond , Carlos Tavares, as recalled Carlos Ghosn himself, has always been very dynamic and " has contributed to Renault ." But he has never hidden his love for motorsport either, actor Alpine revival did not hesitate to take the combination of driver as in Monaco in the A110 -50.

In the event that he would join Aston Martin , his enthusiasm and dynamism could allow it to bridge the technology gap . If the engines are going to modernize through the partnership with AMG , boxes without speed dual clutch are exceeded.

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