Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whistleblower Told Carlos Tavares He Could Pay Her AFTER He Became CEO.... The Name of the Company Was Never Confirmed.

Already former NISSAN employees are telling Sharyn they want to work for Carlos Tavares.  Some very talented people left NISSAN to work at Honda, Toyota, Hyundai & more...Granted there are a LOT of talented people at GM... But it's a GLOBAL company and Carlos Tavares could "create enough demand" to create good jobs ALL over the world.  I would hope he has had "enough" of Tennessee... Spring hill Plant Issues are happening....  Tennessee is a "culture of corruption"... I Sharyn Bovat taught Mr. Tavares "what" the term Good Ole Boy meant.

Can someone "clarify"with Tavares the deal.  I want to be in charge of Diversity GLOBALLY for GM and also Corporate Social Responsibility.   Thank You....  Sharyn

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