Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Man That Worked With Obama Said- Jamie Dimon is the Link to EV Fiasco... Too Many Private Equity Companies Had ORGYS..... Tagg Romney and Mitt Romney BOTH Profited From Green Project that Were Built to Fail. Looks Like Haley Barbour Was Connected to. Sharyn Bovat Told Hillary is NOT Running for President... She's Creating a War Chest_ The Clintons Want a Legacy of "Doing Good"... They Don't Want Another "Rodeo".... Personally Sharyn Bovat Likes Hillary Clinton.. Someone Tell Reince Priebus That The Puff Piece is NOT a Campaign Piece it's Just a "Puff Piece"... Joe Biden's Former Chief of Staff Bernie Toon is "In Bed" With the Haslam Family. Jimmy and Bill Haslam Did NOT Want the EV to Succeed ...OMG!! They Own Over 600 Gas Stations. Pilot Flying J Does Business with Iran and Putin. Russia Has Oil Oozing Out of IT's Butt and Russia Does NOT Want the EV to Succeed. Whose the NEW Chairman of the Board for RUssian Autovaz... the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn...Dots Connected....

JP Morgan Honcho Jamie Dimon attends a Mitt Romney fundraiser ...’s-electric-car-champion-doing-romneys-inner-circle?page=show

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