Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ed Gillespie Did YOU Get My Email... Did YOU Tell Tagg Romney and Mitt Romney To STOP Doing Business with IRAN? Yes!! I Know NISSAN Does Business with Iran and So Does the Haslam Family. Sir- YOU Have a LOT of Spinning to Do.... Is Haley Barbour Helping You OR Tom Ingram and Bernie Toon?

  I learned at a Racketeering meeting that I attended a few years ago that politicians linked to Haley Barbour were corrupt.  One of the people attending said Ed Gillespie was part of the problem.  I said "No- Ed's a good guy. In the eighties I got to know him when he attended CRP conventions.  Before he met his wife he was 'interested' in me... I did not like his polyester pants"....  Good News-  Ed Gillespie's wife has him dressing better. 

NISSAN - I had a discussion today with my friend Mark Silverman and he agrees that I should NOT travel to Tennessee.  I will send a letter to Brigid Carpenter.   Thank you & have a great day!   FYI- we both agree that the possible hreat to my life is NOT from a NISSAN source.  It's from a "lower level" member of the Good Ole Boy network.  I just have to be safe and Tennessee for "me" especially after I exposed the Romney family and the Haslam family fueling Terrorist (along with NISSAN) after espousing that people that have profited from doing business with Khomeini will want me dead.  I have a child & want to live.   Sharyn 

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