Thursday, August 29, 2013

Carlos Tavares Leaves Renault Unexpectedly - NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Won't Comment on Details... The Internal Battle for Control of the Renault-NISSAN Alliance + Russian Autovaz Will Struggle WIth Loss of Intellectual Property. Sharyn Bovat Hopes That "Air Tavares" Lands in a Good Destination & He Finds a Workplace That RESPECTS All People....

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PARIS— Carlos Ghosn, the globe-trotting chief executive of Renault SA and Nissan Motor Corp. added another big job to his already full plate on Thursday.
Mr. Ghosn said he would fill in for his second in command at Renault, Carlos Tavares, after the Portuguese executive gave up his job unexpectedly.
The management upheaval puts pressure on Mr. Ghosn, whose mandate is up for renewal early next year, to demonstrate that he can keep running two companies with operations spanning four continents.
"...The thing that Carlos Tavares brought to the table at Renault and NISSAN is he KNOWS about cars, cost cutting and efficiency ..... Carlos Ghosn is a world class schmoozer and knows 'how to cut a deal'......  "Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower  

In 2009, he (Tavares) took over Nissan's U.S. operations, and returned to Renault in 2011 as operating chief, replacing Patrick Pelata. Mr. Pelata was fired after a fraud attempt by security personnel that saw the company mistakenly fire three of its employees who were accused of leaking sensitive information.
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